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It's really isn't a recent thought as we have been considering moving from northwest Indiana to Florida for many years now, but just recently we did put more thought into it. We are somewhat familiar with Clearwater/Belleair/Largo/Tampa in regards to locale but definitely NOT familiar with the detailed intricacies in regards to what areas are good and which are not. However the area of Clearwater is very costly so we began to look further north and central. We don't need to be on the water and truthfully don't want to being that Florida is susceptible hurricanes.

We'd like to be potentially within about an hour and a half of the Largo area just so we could revisit some of the areas we are already somewhat familiar with, but beyond that we are absolutely clueless especially on a street-by-street basis. I recently looked online at some homes in Ocala but then my wife was searching and apparently their crime rate is worse than what we are unfortunately accustomed to up here in northwest Indiana. Demographics do matter to me, especially me.

What's the best way to start our quest? We are planning on a roadtrip in February so we may begin our "scouting" mission. Thank you, and perhaps we can meet some of you while we're there if that's something that interests you.

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North Port, Palmetto, Ellenton, Brandon, Riverview, Parrish . I'm in Lakewood Ranch above Sarasota.

All could have some deals. Ocala sucks. Lived there' for almost 9 years.