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here is the study since op is a gay and didn’t post


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Homeschool homeschool homeschool. At least then you can blame yourself and only yourself if your kids turn out tarded, not the fact you let the government make them so.

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no duh. When you replace enough free oxygen you're supposed to be getting from unrestricted air, with CO2 trapped behind a mask to be re-inhaled, you're GOING to be poisoning yourself. It doesn't matter how much CO2 is trapped behind the mask when you exhale, it replaces the same amount of free oxygen you could have took in that you NEED. Instead you're reinhaling a waste product your body is trying to remove and slowly suffocating yourself.

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Excellent point, but I think there's also another huge factor at play with children. Kids from woke parents will still spend a vast majority of their time without a mask on since they're just at home. However, when they go to school or the store with their parents they are subjected to seeing other people, and masks on both the kids and other people will severely hinder their ability to develop intellectually.

Human intelligence comes from noticing patterns. You can spot the differences between your friend's face and your mother's face without even thinking about it. When kids go out in public or to school their brains are processing tons of info about faces, and they're developing cognitive skills. This is severely hampered when a bunch of strangers in the store or at school have masks. The faces have much less detail than unmasked faces, and the learning is held back.

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I have a coworker that has worn a mask every day since late March or early April 2020. I have not seen their face once since then without a mask on. They will not even eat lunch in the break room as other people will not be wearing masks while eating and instead sat in their car to eat.

I honestly don’t even remember what their face looks like.

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There has not been normal schooling for years. Is he on drugs?

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This. "Normal schooling" is an evil caricature of the true schole. True schole is the use of freedom from toil (leisure, time not allocated toward necessary labors) for the building up of the spiritual body.

The spiritual body is that which grows from the metabolic induction of spiritual milk, bread, and meat. These are Doctrinal things. You are what you eat. The spiritual body is a body of truth, attained by the believer.

"Normal schooling" is designed to make people hate learning, so that when true schole comes upon people, they will binge on TV shows, rather than seeking truth about God (our true purpose).


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A schole.

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You're right. But it's the masks too.

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Dude, the schools suck for sure, but depriving a developing brain of 20% of it's normal oxygen intake isn't nothing. Plenty of free thinkers do manage to navigate the subversive wasteland of public education, but oxygen deprivation during formative years is forever.

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This paper is about babies. Babies born during the pandemic spent the first year of life with isolated, depressed parents and if they went out, all faces were covered in masks. Kids learn language by looking at faces, lip reading, and listening. Masks make all of that worse to impossible. Masks in schools are bad too, but when babies are surrounded by masks, it’s devastating for their cognitive development.

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If researchers studied it, they would probably also find an intellectual decline as a result of what is referred to as public "education".

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Also being out of the classroom can't help either. There is no substitute for in class learning because most children are not self motivated.

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I have three teachers in my family (two 4th grade teachers and one 6th grade teacher)

They all had to go back to in-person this year and they said the academic success rates are horrific

Kids are easily two YEARS behind on progression

We're talking like 2/36 kids passing a basic spelling test... But of course they aren't allowed to fail students anymore. The next generation is going to consist of a bunch of fucking idiots

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I can vouch for it being true in high school in my area. I have, easily, 3x the number of missing/incomplete assignments that I normally do. My tests are a bit different year to year so a real comparison is hard, but this year's "normal" is about 10% less than in previous years.

I know standardized testing scores fell off a cliff last year and I expect them to be much lower than average this year.

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Children are self motivated. Just because they can't stand the boring and generally useless information being force fed to them doesn't make them lazy.

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Most are. A large and growing number have no interest in literally anything besides social media.

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july 23 2021: “47 studies confirm ineffectiveness of masks for Covid and 32 more confirm their negative health effects” https://archive.vn/4CFqp

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I'd also blame it on:

A lack of family values Too much time behind screens Not enough time outside Not enough time going to church

But that's just me 🤷‍♂️

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All part of the plan.

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Masks are physically harmful 100% of the time. People keep arguing over muh freedom vs muh safety and I'm over here-- a respiratory PPE expert saying it's child abuse and human sacrifice to Satan. Masking causes the permanent cardiopulmonary and lung damage they then try to blame on covid.

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So, um, it's working?

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That means it's working.

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This guy is an idiot. Normal schooling needs to return? How about normal schooling is burned to the ground and let he parents sort out education?


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Not only that, but ability to relate and communicate with others. Because they can't see faces

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Looks like my nieces and nephews will have an upper hand.

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Even here in CA (socal, Orange County) our kids have been back to school full time since 3rd trimester LAST school year. On campus, for 18 months. Kids only wear masks indoors, but nothing else. No masks outside, no social distancing.. literally no nothing other than masks indoors (but not at recess or lunch etc.. where they're allowed to play as normal).

Not a fan of the mask but its for an hour or so here or there and a compromise I can stomach. Yet oddly enough, 20 minutes from here in just LA county there are schools are still 100% remote, no kids on prem, and he ones that do prohibit play at recess, socially distance and basically just have the kids in camp.

Our county and school district specifically would ban masks ... if they could but we're doing the minimum the state requires. I think there have been like 4 cases of coof at our school in 18 months. FOUR and all four kids returned to school 10 days later. I know people in LA county that visit OC and are in SHOCK to see that its 99% pre covid land here. Nobody wears masks anywhere, nobody cares and its basically 2019 in orange county.

Whats wild is talking to people in other parts of CA or even other states that their kids are in near lockdown still. Borderline child abuse at this point.

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No shit. As it turns out, kids learn better in school and not muzzled.

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Is that why it seems nobody can fucking drive in parking lots? Or navigate a store aisle without running someone over with their cart?

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Drive or freaking think clearly too! We went to the drive thru and had to ask several people at the window for missing items. This when drive thru service was generally hit or miss, it has gotten worse! Food tasted worse than I remember too. We have been eating at home more and wanted a break from house food.

Not worth the gas.

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I've noticed this shit too.

Fresh air and sunshine are essential for our mental health.

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Imagine each hung children to obey a faceless teacher… robot overlord training

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Not my kids. Heheh Suck it!

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Hurr durr hurrdeedurr durrdedurr

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Pull the children out of school

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I’ve been saying this for years. Kids will grow up without learning facial cues since everyone has NPC mask face.

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Next up. Only WWhite people spread covid.

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ANY FAMILY where one of the parents stays home, or who can afford for one of them to stay home, that forces their kids into the government school system with their face covered for 6 hours a day is a bad person.

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Keep the kids at home with their mothers. They're bright enough to teach them.