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Yes so true… If there’s one thing that the Japanese hate or the Chinese tourists. They’re dirty, they leave their diapers all over the place, and they’re just ungrateful people. Not that I think all Chinese people are like that, but it is a common thread throughout Japan that Chinese tourists are not that welcome. LOL.

My family, through my brothers wife, owns a hotel in Kofu. It’s a beautiful place, they even have a special room for the emperor.

I’ve been there numerous times, and besides the United States I think it’s the most beautiful place on the planet. Well maybe next to Kauai!

God bless you and I hope that you’re enjoying your life in Japan. The people there are beautiful, happy, and have a great culture. There’s no litter in the streets, and little children can ride the subway to school in groups without being stolen or raped. It really is a wonderful society. It pays to live on an island, and have very very strict immigration laws.