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ThisIsHowItStarts 1 point ago +6 / -5

First of all there were hundreds of thousands of posts before January 6 for violence. I was here then, and I went to January 6, and there was no such thing. There may have been a few FBI posting on here but not hundreds of thousands.

Secondly the reason for all the stupid jew comments, it’s because of that Santa movie that to Hollywood nut jobs put out. Many of the comments were leads directly to the comments on the trailer for that movie.

I really agree that this place has been infiltrated lately, and there have been a lot of posts by truth be the Dogma, about any crime that was ever committed across the country by a black person. I have asked the mods to look into this, but they don’t seem to care. This place has been infiltrated in a lot of ways, but that’s common for any website.