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BigIgloo 0 points ago +1 / -1

Nice strawmen you built there. Not a Nazi. It's not collective guilt. Plenty of harmless normie Jews, but there are a disproportionate number of powerful people who are also Jews, hate America, hate Americans, and hate Christians. Lots of evil white people on board with that too.

Why do you feel the need to white Knight for them specifically? Is it because you believe they are chosen and superior? Do you feel guilty for things you didn't do?

Jews are extremely well represented in governments, media, and corporations. It's ok to notice that tons of them hate everything about us. Criticism is not another holocaust, as much as they would like you to feel that way.

I doubt there is any other group you leap to defend irrationally.

People like you coming out of the woodwork basically confirmed for me at least part of what the crazy actual Nazis say about how brainwashed white people are.

BillionsAndBillions 1 point ago +1 / -0

This absolutely is collective guilt, and I'd defend blacks in the same way. Yes there are evil Jews or people who claim Jewishness for the coveted "anti-semitism" shield for their evil. Individuals should be held to account for their actions. Whipping up Jew hate or Black hate is no better than whipping up White hate. The results will be ugly. Frankly I'm just about to give up. 99% of people are absolutely idiots, so you all just freaking murder each other brutally already.

BigIgloo 2 points ago +2 / -0

That's what they want. Powerful people want poor whites and blacks to kill each other in a race war. Then we can both be subjugated brutally for our violence and replaced with more docile serfs. The docile serfs are already coming in 200,000 per month across the border.

I don't want there to be ethnic bloodshed. Right now it's looking like someone powerful really really does want it.