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I'm so proud of her. She's and one other woman are standing strong and are being fired. She's the only person I've gained respect for over the past 2 years. Any one got the "congratulations, you've made it through the biggest Psy op" meme? Any other words of encouragement will be shared.

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holding the line at zero jabs is the way to go; good on her!

i suspect many people have caved to the pressure and received them thinking the monkey is now off of their backs...except they haven't considered the numerous boosters coming their way

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Tell her you're so proud of her.

Then make a run to the store for big, expensive steaks to cook on the grill.

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No job is worth risking your health. She did it for your marriage together just as much as for herself. She chose YOU over her employer! I wish I could say the same about my booster 'husband'. Best wishes for you and the future children she will be able to have! eta: This is my first post and login since the Great Steal.

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Nice! My wife quit her job, not due to the vaccine but because she was forced to peddle bull shit covid marketing and propaganda. A much better job fell into her lap and also pays more! With like minded people to boot. It will 100% work out for the better for you guys!

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Enjoy your healthy vascular system for years to come!

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I think she’s making the right call. Best of luck! I’m going through the same thing. My company announced December 8 then pushed it out to middle of January. I’m working on opening a franchise so I can hopefully have more control over my own situation. I feel the pain, amazing this is the United States of America

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In in the same boat. My company said Dec 8 then pushed it back to Jan 18. Fuck them. I'd rather lose my job than submit to tyranny.

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Not an easy road but doing the right thing offers the greatest reward. Integrity

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Congratulations to your wife for standing by her values, standing against tyranny, and taking a leap of faith. There will always be more jobs—but if your health gets ruined you can’t get a new “health”. Prayers for a better job for her in the future!!! God will provide!!

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She has bigger balls than a bunch of so called men that I know. Looking back on all of this your grandchildren will know that you took a stand and fought for something. Never give in. The future will be brighter for all of us.

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She remains a pure blood. she should be very proud of that.

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God bless your brave based wife. She is an amazing and courageous woman. When acting normal and decent is considered a courageous act, you know you are living in a degenerate society.

Freedom and being sovereign over your body is more important than the temporary luxuries of being a member of society. Society is being set up to fail and people following tyrannical orders only speeds it up.

We need get back to a way of life where we can be more self reliant and self sufficient. Right now we rely on food and water that comes in plastic containers pumped full of chemicals.

Food and water doesn't need to come from plastic containers pumped full of chemicals. We existed for thousands of years before getting all of our supplies from stores. We need to get BACK to that way of life and learn to be as self sufficient and self sustaining as soon as possible. We all must Say NO to their poison and medication time society!

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You are worth more to them than they are to you. Hold your head higu knowing you stayed true to your beliefs and didnt let massive peer pressure fold you.

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Stay strong sister!

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Awesome. I only hope my wife can stick to the same decision.

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Dear Mr. Peppers, you have excellent taste in woman. She sounds like one hot tamale! 🌶

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pede, i think your pride in her is worth more than what any of us here will have to say.

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I was so proud of my husband standing strong ready to get fired over the vax mandate. Florida legislation caused his company to back down but I have respect for him standing his ground. You must feel the same for your wife. I’m protesting this Saturday against vax mandates. Tell her there are millions who stand with her.

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Tell her she has now joined the proud legion of American heroes who have fought in their own way for this country. That includes this world saving Ace:


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She won't have to have her uterus removed after getting the "vaccine" like my girlfriend's friend did.

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Doing what you know to be right is sometimes difficult or even near impossible, but it's always the best choice.

It's dark now for all of us, but whatever happens, she (and you) can know that she had the courage to stand and fight for her beliefs and values, and she will see that's worth far more than any job or social approval ever could be.

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Good for her.

People leave jobs far too infrequently. For the most part, once you've been with a company for 3-4 years, it's probably time to move on. We stay where we are because we're comfortable, not because it's the right decision. Comfort is the Kryptonite of personal growth.

Every job I've ever left, some on good terms, others not, has lead me to a better place in my life. I think it'll do the same for most people, if they believe in themselves.

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Tell her, to tell the ex-employer to "eat shit and die"!

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Dear Mrs. Peppers,

Congratulations on your recent firing. While the road may be rocky in the immediate future, you have already proven your strength and determination by staring down tyranny right in it's wicked little eye and refusing to give in. I am proud of you and wish only good things for you and Mr. Peppers.

Stay Pureblood!

A Lady Pede

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Tell her “Happy Lawsuit Day!”

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WTF I thought a Federal judge put a hold against the vax mandates on American workers? She cannot be legally fired for that right now she should sue them to high heaven.

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If she's feeling a little down now, one day she will look back on this as one of the best things that ever happened to her. I promise.

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The will and sacrifice of people like her is the only thing standing in the way of global tyranny. Thanks for her sacrifice, stand strong.

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Thank you for posting this today -- if it is any help, I am a mom who is facing this very same thing at the end of the year and I've just been totally depressed about it.

Please tell your wife she is inspirational and has given me such hope tonight. I don't know a single person who is in my situation -- I mean, I know OF many people who are facing this, but to see your post -- it makes it more real and I feel like I'm not alone and I can do this -- I can keep to my convictions. I can face the bad stuff -- and I will get through it.

Thank her for being my inspiration tonight. Thank her for giving me hope. And let her know that I am rooting for her 100%! It is so good to know we are not alone!

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Tell her thanks for standing with us! More importantly, let her know how much she got even more attractive in your eyes.

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Wife took a termination at Univision, proud of her. Too fucking bad I lost my wedding ring at the beach today.

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Rent a metal detector! Helped a friend do that before

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Ordered one, hope for the best fren

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Sweetheart, those gene-therapy "vaccines" for COVID are defectively dangerous and unfit for their intended purpose, if that purpose is to safely induce immunity to any given disease.

Hold your ground. Make them fire you, and then sue the living hell out of them for unConstitutional violation of your privacy rights.

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No matter what you do in life, you're going to die. You could choose to sacrifice your beliefs and kneel down to make your short life a little more convenient, or you can choose to stand on your principles. Proud of her for standing.

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she will find better

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She is making the right decision!! They will keep requiring more shots as time goes by. A new opportunity is on the corner and she can be proud she followed her principles.

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Brava to her. In a few years people all over the world will be claiming they did this exact thing. Most will be lying and trying to take credit for what we’ve done to try and save freedom. She will be telling the truth! Stand proud.

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When God closes a door, He opens a window.

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Hold the line, remain a pure Blood 🩸

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Who wants to work for communists anyway?

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I do not believe that she could come to regret this decision.

Life is what matters! Kudos to her!

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My wife and I have wanted to move to a red state from Washington for a few years now. My wife doesn't work and I have always worked a low income job so moving was next to impossible. As a state worker, I fell under Inslee's mandate to vax but chose to be fired instead. I pulled what little retirement I had, used my student loans and sold my trailer. Gave away almost all of our possessions and moved to Montana with no job lined up. We put our trust in God and it's been the best decision we have ever made. We were able to get into an apartment that is nicer then our old trailer, my kids won't be exposed to Washington's CRT crap, our gun rights are stronger, and so far, no vax crap. I share my story to show that things happen for a reason. When one door closes, another one opens. If it wasn't for Inslee's mandate, we most likely never would have moved out of Washington. Have faith and remember, no job is worth your wife's health.

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Perfect Woman, appreciate her!

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Bless you, her, and her work friend. We have to stand strong and believe better times are coming. Prayers and hugs!

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My company just broke the news.. it totally sucks for everyone.. merry Christmas!

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Good for her! It will all work out in the end!! God Bless u and her and your family! Hubby got word today that Biden’s mandate is set for Jan 4! He was able to skirt the Phil Murphy NJ health professionals mandate/testing by working in a building away from the rehab hospital. Because his company has 1 cooperative agreement w social security the fed contractor mandate will apply to his company!

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She's got a spine, and she did the right thing. Respect.

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Please tell your wife, from all of us, that she is a based, bad ass bitch! Much love, good luck, and God bless!