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macrolinx 10 points ago +10 / -0

I'm assuming this doesn't stop the hospitals themselves from enforcing an internal mandate.... Which they will.

peterstrzoked 1 point ago +2 / -1

My wife filled out her request in September and they were supposed to make a decision by mid October, then mid November, then Nov 29. No answer yesterday or an email saying they were going to push it back, they just approved it today.

My sister in law who works for a different hospital owned by a completely different chain than the one my wife works for, in a different state also had her request approved today.

When I heard that I was like wtf did something happen? Obviously this happened.

These fuckers who have been playing chicken with peoples livelihoods need to be impaled on spikes.

macrolinx 2 points ago +2 / -0

I know a recruiter at Ascension Providence that said they weren't doing any exemptions. So I wonder if that has changed.

My buddy also recently lost his long time doctor over the mandate with Baylor/Scott & White/Hillcrest.

It's all pretty fucked up....

peterstrzoked 0 points ago +1 / -1

The hospital my wife works at is owned by Ascension.

Her manager repeatedly implied that they were not approving any exemption requests and tried to coerce everyone into get clotted.

She had to submit her request by like Sep 30, and they were supposed to approve or deny it by Oct 12. Then they sent out an email that they were still evaluating them and something about the CMS rules and that they would address the requests by Nov 12.

Nov 12 came and went without any follow up, maybe a week later they sent out another email saying the deadline for being fully clotted was Jan 4, and you had to take your first shot by Dec 5. Then they sent an email saying they would address the exemption requests by Nov 29.

Nov 29 came and went without anything about the clot mandate and then they just magically approved her request yesterday, the day a judge issued a nationwide injunction against the CMS rules.

Coincidence? Yeah fucking right.

They still have not stated what the “reasonable accommodations” will be; I’m guessing they are waiting to see if the injunction gets overturned so they can renege and say the reasonable accommodations is her not being able to work anymore.

These motherfucking cocksucker kid touching pedophile rapist assholes have been playing chicken this whole time, trying to see how far they can push without getting their dick slammed in the door.

The pressure is off for now for my wife, so she’s stressing less, which is good, but I’m just as fucking heated as I was before the approved it - people need to face consequences for this. Anything less than heads on fucking spikes will not be an adequate punishment for these motherfuckers. I can’t wait for the tribunal, if I get a vote, my vote will be death for sure.