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Creepy_Ginger -23 points ago +16 / -39

And how're they a cult? You sure seem butthurt about them.

BrainwashedbyTrump 5 points ago +36 / -31

Getting real tired of supposed Trump supporters labeling Q followers who are also Trump supporters and proud patriots names and "Qtards", no different than how the left labels us racist nazis. It's a petty tactic. No one here or GA.win is in a cult. No one here has done anything different than the followers of Q. It's ridiculous. If you dont follow Q, fine. I think you are missing out. But just because it's too technical for you to understand, doesn't mean you should bash and divide other patriots who do. Q has never insulted anyone who wants to be a patriot and support Trump. They released almost 5K post that can be researched. Go attack the left and stop trying to divide patriots.