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Just wanted to share about my latest trip. I just flew a 3-day trip starting on Thanksgiving night. It started in Orlando and took me to Philadelphia, Orlando, & Atlanta. I refused to comply and wear the damn muzzle even though it's obviously policy. I rode 2 trains at the airport to start my trip, walked through the crowds and went through security all without the muzzle. I stood right in front of all the passengers without it as we waited to board the aircraft. The best part of the whole story is that i had a first officer who was adamant about wearing masks. She told me that she didn't give a shit about people's personal freedoms and that we should all wear masks and get the clot-shot. Well, I politely laid out the counter arguments and why people are hesitant to comply. We never got mean or aggressive about our arguments, thank goodness, or else it would have been a long 3 days... To get to the point here, the last day, as we were leaving the plane in Orlando to go home, i'm still maskless as we board a train at the airport. I walked onto the train right next to a police officer without my mask and stood there. Nothing happened. Im sure they could have fucked with me, but i guess he had about the same number of fucks to give as i did (goose egg). When we got off the train to walk to another train on the far side of the terminal, my first officer took her mask off and walked beside me the entire way. It seems to be working pedes! Keep it up. Don't comply, be polite when you can & stern when you must. The sheep will see!

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Every airline, especially the regional ones are having trouble keeping planes flying due to the amount of pilots. If a flight attendant wants to get a pilot in trouble it will hurt them far more than the pilots that the airlines need.

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I wonder if a Pilot can refuse to have a certain FA on their plane

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Yes. They can.

mcoulton 2 points ago +2 / -0

If the pilot has to stop their preflight checks in the middle and deal with an issue a FA is causing, that could effect safety.

I am sure that delaying a flight 30 minutes for a passenger to be escorted off by police because a FA is angry a person is wearing a MAGA mask, would cause ripples in the system causing 100s of thousands of dollars on rescheduling flights and putting up people for the evening.

I am assuming that if a FA is not allowed on a plane a couple of times for being a source of friction and a distraction. Their career is over.