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“ Mandatory vaccine should never happen! They are not a one size fits all and have consequences! We nearly lost my sister to a massive clot that was caused by the by Pfizer vaccine. Over the last 18 months I have worked in the healthcare field some days without proper masks, or having to wear the same mask all day. Everyone in the healthcare field knows that one a mask becomes contaminated, moist, or damaged that it needs to be changed. But yet we’ve been expected to wear the same one all day, sometimes longer. Now mandating a vaccine that is not vetted, and has killed tens of thousands of people is wrong! Never before has any vaccine ever been pushed like this one, backed by trillions of dollars in Camping FountI. This needs to stop! Before more people get injured. I am attaching three photos. When is a scan showing the massive clot in the back of my sisters head, the second shows the lack of flow to the back of her head, and the third show is just a portion of the clots removed. I pray this doesn’t happen to one of your family members!”