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This morning, around 8a.m. I got on the 36 line heading downtown. On the way, passing DocuSign Tower, I saw a tall, large man dressed in something reminiscent of Jack the Pumpkin King's outfit, while also sporting a Jason Vorhees hockey mask as he pushed an overstuffed shopping cart around.

I reached the end of the line at Pike street and on exiting I immediately saw a likely homeless man passed out with needles around him.

I went on to enter Target - and I say this with no exaggeration - I had to immediately dodge a man with an armful of merchandise being chased by loss prevention as I crossed the threshold into the store.

Then I went to Pike Place Market, and in a stairwell ran into a woman publicly urinating upright, wearing a prosthetic that allowed her to aim her flow like a penis. I remember it in detail despite immediately averting my eyes because it was so shocking and unusual.

While riding the 36 back home, at the 5th and South Jackson stop, I saw a young man freebase black tar heroin at the bus stop.

Seattle Bingo in less than two hours.

Edit: My first sticky! Woooooooooooo!

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I just moved to Washington State and refuse to go North to Seattle. I literally refuse to go.