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Growing up Jewish in America my family would celebrate our holidays but we also took time to respect Christian holidays because America is founded on Christian and Judeo philosophies.

Sarah Silverman and Seth Rogen are Jews in name only who use their race to deflect criticism. They do not represent the vast majority who see this and roll their eyes.

Please remember pedes that the majority are Jews who will not scoff in offense at your Merry Christmas and will happily return it and wish you Happy Chanukah as well.

In honor of the season I offer an olive branch and wish you a very Merry Christmas from a sister pede who happens to be Jewish.

Also Elves love Chinese food on Christmas ;)

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Bless you, dear Sister. Real Christians love Jews, too!

I worked for awhile at a NASA facility & I met a guy there whose first name was Asa. The first thing I said to him was he had a name of one of the great Hebrew Kings. He kinda gave me a funny look, so I asked him if he was of God's chosen people. "God's chosen people? I don't want to be one of God's chosen people anymore. Do you know how much pain & suffering we've had to endure - all the persecution? No - I don't want to be a chosen person any more." I felt so bad for him, but he was doing pretty well for himself as a scientist. I'm sorry to say that I've seen that persecution even on this forum from time to time, & I make good use of the deport button.