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So, My Wife is totally upset about our dishwasher we have had for about ten years. Its starting to really fail us. So, We went out yesterday to buy a new one. Our first stop was at Home Depot. We saw a LG Dishwasher for 800.00 . It was a deluxe model. She really liked it compared to the rest. So, I asked if they had it in stock. They said no, Not until January 20th. So, We then decided to hit up Menard's. We saw some others there. None of them in stock. Decided that we would just go home. Its getting late. Got home and went online to check some other places. Everyone is out of stock. Apparently they are all sitting on the boats off L.A. or where ever. So, I guess I will just repair our old Maytag dishwasher instead. Too bad, Would have bought the LG at home depot - straight ticket too.

I would wager a bet that when Jan. 20th comes around they still will not have them.

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I have a 30 year old Maytag dishwasher. I've been fixing it the entire time. I'm probably up to about 15 - 20 repairs, including door seals, control panel, clogged filters, & hoses. I keep spare parts on hand so I can fix it quickly, same as my range. When either of those go down, life is miserable. And I'm cheap.

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My wife has two cars. I can always grab parts from one and make a FrakenWasher :)