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lmao at all the people in this thread saying REAL PATRIOTS WOULDN'T WEAR MASKS.

Then in the next thread they'll weep like women about being arrested for just being in DC on January 6th.

I don't think this place is "controlled opposition", I think what happened is all the normal MAGA people left, because they got sick of:

  1. Being screamed at 'faggot' and 'glowie' every five seconds,

  2. The constant super-schizo conspiracy bullshit,

  3. Q.

All that's left is the fucking slime on the bottom of MAGA. The super-fat 'conservatives' who just cry on the internet and put gay bumper stickers on their lifted trucks. The cowards who just want someone else to do anything, because they have fishing trips to go on. The unmedicated schizos who think everything is a conspiracy and everybody is a fed.

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So why are you here?