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Like many others, I wish Trump would stop supporting the Globalist agenda by praising and recommending the garbage gene serum. I just noticed a huge uptick in post and wanting everyone to check their anger at each other and redirect it back to the true enemy—the Globalists.

Trump’s a politician now, he’s just promoting his accomplishments and covering his ass by praising the vaxx he got out quickly. We know how he is, proud, boastful, etc.. its noise. The signal is, were a team and the globalists are our enemy, and glow trolls are eating this up like crazy.

Oh yeah Merry Christmas! 🤣😇

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There's a huge uptick because The White House just used him to push their mandates. Take off the tinfoil hat. Posts about an event spike right after that event happens.

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That was days ago, it didnt “just”happen. Where’ve u been?