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slaps knee hard enough to cook a chicken

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I was going to post something like that, but you did that first.

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And so expertly too

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Unfortunately, the information will long since have been doctored.

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or destroyed by "accident"

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100 bucks Joe, seals them for 55 years...

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  1. doesn't obama control all this information? would he release anything he didnt want release?

  2. i read they converted all his documents to digital-- this has to be a way to hide and redact

"There are, of course, advantages to the digital approach that the Obama library has promised. "


"he announcement that President Barack Obama’s official papers will be digitized is a break from tradition. It is clearly a nod to contemporary life, and some might view it as a welcome change from driving for miles to sift through paper documents in presidential libraries. But the decision to go digital rather than place the paper records in a research library** has created a stir in the community of people who make a living doing research in presidential libraries. With presidential libraries already facing challenges, a transition to online-only resources could come at the cost of one of their greatest assets: the knowledge and commitment of the archivists,** whose expertise in both the presidency and the organization of the collection is an immense resource for researchers.

Here’s an example of what might be lost in the changing approach to the presidential library."

and it goes on...

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Yeah, manchurian candidate wants to cover his tracks

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"We have spent countless hours preparing to meet the needs of citizens interested in the documents of the history first black president. To this end we have 2 trained staff on duty, and an extensive card catalog for them to help locate the paper documents in the 4 warehouses located around the city -- oh wait, two of them just burned down."

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Locked away in the Obamaibrary

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Lets get some live chat one th ebillion dollars in cash to iran. I am sure it will be interesting

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The release of what everyone has been waiting for.

Pictures of pregnant MObama.

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Not seeing how this needs a foia but Trump's according to the Supreme Court do not ...

Whatever authorized releasing Trump's needs to be used immediately to get ALL of Obama's.

And the Supreme Court's AND ESPECIALLY the Speaker of the House's. And Biden's, too.


If we had valid congressional reps they would have demanded these things AS SOON as the SC ruled on the Trump issue.

There is no privilege in federal government, is what the SC is saying, so let's go.

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Let's get to work