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People are talking about Trayvon with all the same propaganda as 10 years ago. Here are the real, verifiable facts from the case proceedings and various other verified sources:

  1. George Zimmerman, a half-Peruvian man, was an established member of his community's Neighborhood Watch program.

  2. There had been multiple break-ins in that community recently.

  3. Trayvon was a known thug that was suspended from school for burglary, something the police buried at the time of the investigation.

  4. Trayvon was reported to be looking inside houses at the time. This was around 7 pm during rainy weather.

  5. Zimmerman looked for Trayvon while reaching out to 911. Upon being told to stop following him he stopped his pursuit.

  6. When asked to describe Trayvon's appearance the dispatcher specifically asked for his skin color. Edited videos made it seem like he disclosed this on his own.

  7. Upon trying to return to his vehicle Zimmerman was ambushed by Trayvon. Trayvon immediately attacked and knocked Zimmerman prone, while sitting on top of him.

  8. Trayvon Martin was 5'11" and 158 lbs. Zimmerman was 5'7" and 185 lbs.

  9. Trayvon pummeled Zimmerman with punches, body blows and smacking his head against the asphalt for 40 seconds, all while Zimmerman only cried for help. This confirmed by multiple eyewitnesses. Police reports show photos of multiple lacerations to the front and back of Zimmerman's head. Trayvon autopsy showed he had no injuries except a single bullet wound.

  10. At some point Trayvon noticed Zimmerman had a holstered pistol. He stated "you're going to die now" and reached for that weapon. The two of them fought for possession of the pistol and Zimmerman managed to get a shot off into Trayvon's chest at close range during the struggle.

It was the most obvious instance of self-defense, and the media tried to railroad Zimmerman the same way they tried with Rittenhouse, including getting one of the best criminal attorneys to try and prosecute him. The evidence was far too obvious and vindicated him legally but his reputation was never repaired.