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Easier to recover from a nuke than liberalism.

Megadeth 45 points ago +45 / -0

Hiroshima vs Detroit from 1945 to present proves this.

tabularasa_556 3 points ago +4 / -1

"Liberalism" isn't really well-defined here. The EU countries would certainly be considered further left than the US in general (health care, taxes, guns, etc). And any given city looked better than Detroit - until the specific element of leftism known as "diversity". Whether it's "refugees" in the EU or black people here, give them enough time at a majority of the population and eventually whatever area they're in turns to absolute shit. It's already happened to countless cities in the US, but more recently to places like Paris and Malmo. The worst areas aren't necessarily the most "liberal", they're the most diverse (black/brown).

I know you're thinking that venn diagram looks like a circle but remember the people responsible for the policies that lead to diversity want the dregs living in your backyard, not theirs.

Megadeth 3 points ago +3 / -0

I see your point, but I think the diversity is more the aftermath of liberal policy. The entire rust belt, of which I consider Detroit the capitol, is the result of piss poor liberal policy as well as scumbag liberals milking industries that were once thriving. The liberals used labor unions as a way to skim cash from these industries with threats of strikes or backroom deals.

These Marxist liberal politicians made their takeover of unions complete by installing their filthy mouthpieces all over the country after WWII ... the rust belt was the end result. As the unions gained more and more power, they began to ask for more ridiculous pay and benefits to justify their existence ... this allowed unions to jack up membership fees ... it made the unions and their political overlords filthy rich without having to lift a finger ... the people that paid were the very people they claimed to help.

Automakers couldn't keep up with the ridiculous demands and began leaving the region. At first they headed to the South, but then moved overseas. Not only were people working for the big 3 laid off, parts suppliers, tooling companies, machine shops all suffered and went out of business. Once the jobs were gone, former middle class neighborhoods were abandoned since people could no longer afford their homes ... it's pretty hard to pay a mortgage when you have no income. The end result were many abandoned towns.

"Diversity" is merely the aftermath of liberal policy. Since they were losing population due to their sickening policy, they had to fill those towns up with someone to maintain power ... they converted all of those homes into low income housing. Liberals don't need people to turn out to vote ... they just need a name ... they'll do the voting for them.

This happened all across the rust belt in the 70s. Towns/cities like Erie, Cleveland, Youngstown, Pittsburgh, Wierton, Wheeling, Toledo, etc. all looked like bombs went off once their major industries left after the politicians and labor union leaders milked them for all they were worth.

Western European companies are a bit different. Many of their bigger companies are nationalized. When times get tough, governments subsidize the companies to keep them afloat. This keeps people "working", but the inevitable tax increase pretty much amounts to a pay cut. Europeans like to stick to their Keynesian religion.

While European companies are mostly unionized, those unions will obey government overlords and not rock the boat too much (for the most part ... there are exceptions). The end result here is the companies "survive", but economic growth is basically stagnant. If they were to do things the way they were done in the States, I can guarantee you that the end result would be "diversity" (trust me, I saw some ghettos in Milan and Frankfurt several years ago ... they were not pretty though none of them were as bad as the South Side of Chicago).

While this is anecdotal, I saw one engineering company there that had design teams that never made a single piece of technology that sold for a profit yet, somehow, the people running the team responsible for this worthless garbage spent 20+ years overseeing failure w/o a single consequence. This is normal in most of Western Europe (I think the UK is an exception ... or at least used to be ... but I can assure you this happens in France, Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands constantly).

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I think the biggest issue in these conversations is we're lumping in Liberalism, which gave us the Founding Fathers, with Progressivism, which gave us modern Democrats.

We're dealing with completely different ideologies than the labels we're using.

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I understand where you are coming from. It's the language that's being mangled. I've grown to accept that the word liberal is now defined as, for lack of better terms, "modern day communists" (i.e. progressives) :-). I know that's not the case when the word is used in a more traditional sense, but that's the definition most will assume these days when they hear the word. No progressive wants to be compared to any of the liberal founding fathers of the USA since they've deemed them all genocidal, racist maniacs in their eyes.

The difference between "truth" and "fact" is another example. The two terms have different meanings ("truth" is more of a philosophical/relative term while "fact" is objective) yet they're used interchangeably today.

The word "gay" is another example of what I am trying to convey ... it used to mean "happy". Go out and say "Wow, she looks gay!" to some random woman and see what happens if they're not a homosexual (I'm sure they'll still have a negative reaction even if they are a homosexual).

So, just replace "progressive" with "liberal" in my rant above :-) .

By the way, despite using the word "liberal", I agree with you ... I'll make it a point to use the term "progressive" moving forward ... but that might confuse those that supported the Bull Moose Party :-) (though that party seemed to have more RINO elements to it IIRC ... they're as bad as modern day progressives).

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Europe had advanced civilization long before the advent of socialist liberalism

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Yeah? I didn't say it was responsible for their advanced civilization. My point is that it hasn't turned all their cities into Detroit, yet anyway, but with diversity they're on their way.

The only way to do that much damage to a country using pure policy is full-blown Soviet/Mao style communism where everyone starves by design.

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The good news (if there is any) is that the nukes will fly onto urban areas.

At least the rest of the "flyover country" can build back correctly.

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build back correctly

The irony being it is truly build back better.

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No ROE after nuke town

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I think a nuking of New York City or San Francisco would be the greatest political event to ever happen in my lifetime. Don't fool yourself into thinking they think any different about us. They want to see us broke, dead, our kids brainwashed, and they think it's funny.

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DC and San Fran

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Throw LA on that list

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Cleanliness is best.

The Japanese have perfected the bidet.

Warm water refresh.

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I bless the rains down in my asshole

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Ahhah ah,,, never thgought of it that way, I will now. Shiney Hiney!

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Only ten syllables sad.

Why you do not make haiku?

Ancestors weeping.

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Kung Fu > Haiku

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My Kung-fu is stronger than yours.

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No match for Toto ass stream. Will blast your past into the vast.

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I have a K300 for my guest bathroom and the S550 for my master bathroom.

Some people say Biobidet makes a better unit, but I think the Japanese have figured out the automated ass washing toilet seat than anyone.

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agree, it will change your life. No more skids. No more swamp crack.

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Dear God, Send the meteor today.

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Couldn't have picked a funnier picture.

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That's perfect, as Nick is a prisoner here, if I remember correctly. Air Con?

I feel like a prisoner these days, ready to bust out.

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Con Air.

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Pure 90s awesomeness

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Yup. I’ve had about enough.

Nuke everything from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure we got all the globalists and pedophiles.


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Why the Reddit reference with the 4chan screenshot?

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no-one takes reddit seriously. Its only use now is a way for people to know what kind of retard you are base on the subs you have. And this is 4 chan i think not reddit.^^^^^^^

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Just find one of those desks from the 1950s and hide under it. Duck and cover. You'll be fine.

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SUPERTRANNY X's super power is you dying when it commits suicide.