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IeatCrakerzNbed 1 point ago +1 / -0

You're about as correct as anything Joe Biden has ever read off of a teleprompter.

Fascism is the end result of every other construct of socialism.

Fascism is totalitarianism. It's a secular state of government before God.

Fascism is a concept that no human government could could impose because of the nature of humans. It's socialist, a Jewish form or government monopoly that creates debt slavery and forced compliance. Just like any other form of socialism.

Communism and Fascism are both the terminal stages of the cancer that is socialism. It's antithetical to America's Constitutional Republic.

It's not evil, people are, that's why it results in failure, it imposes a monopolistic authority over the rights of the people to preserve the power of the government. That's what the Jews designed it as, the other end of the socialist spectrum. Fascism is right wing socialism, communism is left wing socialism.

It's the controlled opposition construct the Jewish international bankers needed to create the monopoly on the socialist construct. Communism was an open-ended ideology that focused it's Demagoguery on the plight of the poor as anything other than their own lack of investment. So the logical opposition would need to be engineered to seem indifferent to class, society, values and religion, but it does not, it only enforced these beliefs through the same secular disregard for human rights. And both are only possible after the subversion of a free market and the destruction of political, social, ideological and class opposition.

This "occupy democrats" logic, where you say things that are antithetical to reality and have no real world application, that's secularism.

No government has ever solved a problem because their job is to create the problems and charge you with your rights and prosperity to pretend to fix them.

The solution to our problems will never be the result of laundered tax funding and illegally printed Fiat currency into numbered offshore accounts. Government is the enemy of its own people when it refuses to represent their interests. Expanding government is the refusal to represent the people's interest.

GodEmperor2024 1 point ago +2 / -1

You keep using the word "socialism" but it doesn't mean what you think it means. Do you know the difference between right wing socialism and left wing socialism? Try to explain it.

See, the problem is that you only see things under the famous Political Compass. That thing is bullshit. I don't care about how the economy is run. You seem to base politics only on how much free market there is. That's wrong. There are more important things in life.

For me it's much more important to not have homos in schools. It's much more important for me to outlaw miscegenation. I do not care about how much free market there is.

As I said, with your explanation of politics you would not be able to explain what's wrong with the Democrats. If you try to say to anyone outside this forum that Biden or Pelosi or Schumer are communists, or socialists, they are going to laugh in your face.

IeatCrakerzNbed 2 points ago +2 / -0

Yes "right wing socialism" is Socialism. Stakeholder capitalism - Jewish fascism. "Left wing socialism"- Communism- Jewish fascism.

Jewish communist- fascism.

Anticommunism- "nazi" fascism.

Bolshevism was an open ended form of communist extremism that was proven to be the cause of "Holodomers", genocides under the guise of "revolution" so to protect their Jewish stakeholder capitalism ideology they needed a "proxy opposition". It's politics pure and simple. An ideology cannot exist without an antithesis. So the same people who formulated the communist Demagoguery machine engineered an opposing ideology that served the same overlords. Winning them an illegitimate nation (Israel) as their new operational headquarters for their one world government agenda, and who better to spearhead their controlled opposition party than the bastard great grandson of Baron Von Rothschild? A meth addled demagogue that set their whole "fund and control every faction of every war that results in dead "goyim" on both sides. Yes even if that meant that the "allied" attacks on the supply chains feeding their prisoners would starve like their holodomer genocides. In fact it would serve the Jews and the propaganda needed to keep Christians at odds with each other, turn Arab nations against the west and since they control media, banking, entertainment and public education, they could centralize a global "white genocide" agenda and claim Jews aren't white because Judaism is somehow a "race" and not a religion.

Socialism in all of it's forms, from right to left, only survives by using "stakeholder capitalism" ( the antithesis of free market capitalism- meaning government is not allowed to generate revenue or influence/manipulate the FREE market. Which all forms of socialism explicitly DO. From "Regulatory agencies" to CIA/Govt "contractors, to "minority grant funding" and tax amnesty for corporations owned by one religion, dual citizenship politicians and unelected bureaucrats... Etc.

ALL of that is socialism. There is no right and left socialism, it's all an attack on free market capitalism using the government to dictate what wheels get the grease. All socialism leads to totalitarianism.

You can play the 20 year old college kid "REAL socialism hasn't ever been tried!" Bullshit, but it's all been proven a "revolution" - translation: another form of Jewish led genocide resulting in the minting of new Jewish millionaires and billionaires, more Jewish political installations in western government, and the devaluation and destabilization of Christian western nation under the false pretenses of diversity. It's fucking clown-food. If you want to tout your well structured Jewish talking points about how Hitler was a success because the ZIONIST gave him the power to carry out their agenda, that's fine. But don't pretend the rest of us are as stone fucking stupid as the Leftoids NEED them to be, you can keep that title for yourself.