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IeatCrakerzNbed 1 point ago +1 / -0

Duro duro derp derp. No real capitalism WAS tried and it thrived until the advent of "stakeholder capitalism -jewish fascism" where in 1911 when the Jewish bankers threatened the government because Democrats were inflating their gold five to a dollar and secretly devaluing their wealth. Which resulted in the Jews starving out millions of Americans like they were doing in Weimar and Russia and Ukraine, which resulted in the Great Jew Deal in 1933, social security, they snuck in a fucking federal income tax to fund the war so we could get dragged into a war with Germany which was no threat to us at ALL, we got dragged into the shit because the Jewish international bankers were getting cut off from commercial access to Germany after the Germans got fed up with Jews destroying their economy and plundering it like they're doing to us right fucking now, retard. Pick up a fucking history book and get off the internet's approved reading matrix. None of what is happening right now is new. It's identical to what was happening then and what is happening all over the world.

I know you like black cock but you heard it wrong cuck. Black Rock....it's a circular owned corporation merger with Vanguard that own a major share in ever publicly traded Corporation because they pay no taxes and fund bullshit "philanthropic" RICOs that are all funded by politicians insider trading and leftist NGOs. That's not free market capitalism when they Jews are buying politicians and brokering our commerce to the CCP. That's why they're grooming your kids and grandchildren to be sexual degenerates and illiterate retards while politically illiterate cartoon people like you chuckle up retarded false equivalencies that would embarrass anyone with an IQ above 80 to even read. Stakeholder capitalism is Jewish fascism Free market capitalism is what Jewish socialist policies destroyed before you were even born, unless you're 111 years old.

The only reason it effects me is because their sugar babies like Biden, Buttigieg, Yellen, Biden, Pelosi, Romney and Kerry's kids are brokering foreign deals leveraged on our foreign aid, inflating energy and market prices in the trade off. Creating supply chain issues so some creepy pedophile globalists can destroy the economy and manufacture crises so they can trade our prosperity and rights for communism and fund foreign invasions while they blather on about Ukrainian and Israeli sovereignty.

GodEmperor2024 2 points ago +2 / -0

It seems that our disagreement is just on the definition of capitalism. That's fine. The important thing is that you're aware of the Jewish Question.

Have a great day.

IeatCrakerzNbed 1 point ago +1 / -0

There's a Jewish perversion of capitalism. Stakeholder capitalism. It's essentially fascism. Using the government to influence and manipulate the market through "regulations". Statism is anti-capitalism.

It's not "the" definition. It's the "difference".

It's not like the "real communism has never been tried"...free market capitalism HAS been tried. It's what made all the Jews rich rich before they infiltrated the economy and government and used their socialist bullshit to kick the ladder out from behind them after they made it to the top. It's why every German citizen united behind Hitler. Really all Hitler did was hold Jews to account under equal treatment under the law.

Imagine if we tried and imprisoned every commie Jew in America for their RICO crimes and their corruption....their corporations would crumble, their political sugar babies would be tried and convicted and asset forfeiture would eliminate the national debt to the point of surplus. The only issue would be that 880k children a year wouldn't be disappearing off the streets, crime would suffer a huge loss of funding, and the drug empire and sex trafficking empire would take decades to restructure for the corrupt politicians because the CIA's "Mexican Cartel" grift wouldn't have executive distribution network to supply the ghetto minorities. Especially if the border was sealed.

GodEmperor2024 1 point ago +1 / -0

Stakeholder capitalism. It's essentially fascism. Using the government to influence and manipulate the market through "regulations". Statism is anti-capitalism.

Your problem is that you look at politics only in terms of how to run the economy. That's why you cannot see the difference between various political movements. You have no idea what fascism is from a social, moral, and philosophical point of view. You just look at how much free market there is and put everything into that spectrum.

You're making a mistake. The economy is not everything. I don't care about how the economy is run. Putting homos in camps and outlawing miscegenation are for me much more important issues.

IeatCrakerzNbed 1 point ago +1 / -0

You have a great day too.