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depends on where you live and the batch in your area (howbadismybatch.com)

but where I'm at its pretty obvious we got a 'bad batch' - ppl pasty, thinning, aging fast, coughing, sniffling, shit all the time, won't respond, just wanna stay at home and don't have the zest for life - it's a slow kill. If I had to guess, my area got the batch that's halfway between the long-slow kill batch and the heart-attack-seizure-brain-zap batch.

that's why people on here will be like "yea I know so many people who are getting really sick, heart attacks, returning cancers and stuff"

and other people are like "what are you talking about everybody I know is fine"

all depends on the batches distributed in your area, sorry if I'm rambling lol anybody confirm/deny?

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Phizer clinical trials docs https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT04368728 Ongoing until 2023 randomized, placebo-controlled, observer-blind, dose-finding, vaccine candidate-selection, and efficacy study in healthy individuals. Won’t publish data until 2025 Op: https://patriots.win/p/141FAYiR07/vaxxies-on-suicide-watch-its-all/c/ Link to studies: https://www.bmj.com/content/376/bmj.o102 19x more deaths confirmed. Red states targeted with worse batches https://patriots.win/p/141F16qMWz/alert-alert-red-states-are-being/c/ howbadismybatch.com https://howbad.info/states.html Bad batch children respond https://patriots.win/p/141F5vTTMW/instant-vaxx-regret/c/

Bad batches https://communities.win/c/NoNewNormal/p/140vVZD8OT/fatalities-linked-to-specific-ba/c

Jan 25 2021: RIP Gregory Michael, “Another Person Dies After Receiving COVID Vaccine” https://archive.vn/CMYkE batch blamed and recalled. Many severe reactions

Moderna trials doc: https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT04470427 Estimated Study completion date oct 22.

Personality Changes

There are a ton more road rage videos out if that’s anything. When the media lies all we have is anecdotal evidence. Here are some. https://archive.vn/wNzCV Personality changes reported “I am unable to say anything to them as their once friendly personalities have also changed. They are more aggressive and talk at you, not to you and will defend these shots.” Related: https://communities.win/p/13zzfBieqG/ive-seen-people-ive-known-to-be-/c/ Related Video https://patriots.win/p/140J1IbwB8/spike-proteins-enter-the-nucleus/c/ Worsening mental health: There are reports of mental decline and personality changes. Heightened aggression, insatiable depression: https://www.reddit.com/r/CovidVaccinated/comments/mxx565/extreme_worsening_of_mental_health_month_after_jj/ The spike protein is a prion protien causing inflammation in the body. In the brain changes mood and personality. https://healthinsuranceblogpro.com/2021/05/25/covid-vaccines-may-bring-avalanche-of-neurological-disease/ Dementia can include aggression and the Vax is reportedly causing nerodegenerative disorders. Wendy williams gets Dementia post vax https://patriots.win/p/140c066NoC/hmmmmm/c/ Neurological issues post Vax https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=lB5oR2gFQEw&feature=youtu.be Aztra Seneca reaction instantly @9:11 no one told me it would be safe to drive. @ 13 min general practitioner didn’t want to see her and didn’t take any regular vitals. @17:50 she still doesn’t realize this is intentional “The torment of medical people not wanting to help” Just being told Told” it’s all in my head” “Almost completely normal” May be enough to drive some mad... https://communities.win/c/NoNewNormal/p/140InI0YoL/from-the-vaccine-long-haulers-su/c

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This is a great gathering of resources - thank you!

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This is insane. The descriptions remind me of a fucking zombie tv show

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