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preferredfault 2 points ago +2 / -0

Too extreme?! Forcing it as national law through a SCOTUS ruling was what was really extreme. They need to take this shit and run with it while they can, otherwise Democrats will just normalize it back into existence as if the SCOTUS ruling never changed a thing, getting their way anyways, and making the overturning of Roe v Wade pointless. They need to hit hard on this. Treat abortion as murder, prosecute and imprison all those involved. Make it an uphill battle for Democrats. Make them go to court and argue why a persons prison sentence should be commuted for the murder of a baby by committing the crime of abortion. Make them try to argue that it wasn't taking another's life. Make them run through all the logic.

That's why Roe V Wade was soo egregious, it had no real debate, it was just pushed through by SCOTUS decree. They did that explicitly to avoid debate, because they knew they couldn't get around the simple logic of it being murder.