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Jack_HinsonTN 102 points ago +103 / -1

So this is what all the fuss was about, huh. Trump picked a anti-MAGA Turk over this woman because of a tweet that 90% of his base would agree with? That's just sad.

Building7 39 points ago +39 / -0

I’m happy to lose with maga over winning with Oz. Send a message that we won’t even consider rinos and the gop needs to learn to win with maga or become irrelevant.

Cozette -6 points ago +1 / -7

"I'm happy to lose". And the DC Psychopaths are happy you feel happy about giving them what they want.

. Democrats needed one less Republican RINO/ one more Senate Democrat seat to require all 50 states to provide Abortion Until Birth. And put DC in charge of state elections, making voter ID illegal.

Want all 50 states to be California with inescapable Psycho Democrat control? Keep being happy to lose".

Keep imagining anyone gives a damn about your "messages" or that they'll change because you're giving the rinos what they want; Psycho Dems in control and permanent, impotent minority party status for select rinos.

Building7 1 point ago +1 / -0

Your way of thinking has been the way we have done things for 50 years, and look at the accomplishments of going with rinos over democrats:

We lost our school and military to communists, our women were made tax slaves, our men were emasculated, our population was demographically replaced and much more and why…..

Because “gawsh this guy may be a rino but we cant have a democrat hyuck hyuck” has been the mindset. The communist liberals are the opposite, they go hard even if they lose elections. They will kill their own companies if it means pushing their agenda. They are committed.

Republicans are soft pushovers.