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@nycsouthpaw: To recap Musk's behavior —

  • illegally accumulated stock without disclosing his interest, filed a misleading 13g

  • agreed to join board and signed a standstill, reneged on it within days

  • offered a then-low price, got board approval, signed a merger agmt, reneged on it within 3w

Paris Marx / @parismarx: Elon Musk has been tweeting shit about Twitter since he announced his deal to buy it, driving down the share price the entire time. Now he admits he wants to renegotiate at a lower price. Twitter's board should tell him to pay the $1B fee and take a hike.

Michael Gartenberg / @gartenberg: Gee, waay to talk down the stock price for a cheaper deal. Wouldn't be surprised if this was the plan all along. Don't really care if Musk buys Tesla, it's the way he's doing it feels manipulative, will hurt shareholders and mess with employees livelihoods

Gary Black / @garyblack00: Absent a deal, $TWTR could fall to ~$30/share. That implies the market is putting odds of a deal at a reduced price of $45/share of just 40%. That seems too low. p ($45) = (1-p) $30 p = 40% ..

Bill Lee / @westcoastbill: buckle your seatbelts. we may be watching the implosion of $twtr in real-time - and on twtr itself. oh the irony.

And about the usership:

Gary Black / @garyblack00: As I expected, $TWTR will not acknowledge that spam/bots represent more than 5% of mDAUS. So either Elon exercises his $1B exit fee and walks away, or tries to negotiate a lower price based on his discovery that more than 5% of TWTR mDAUs are bots/fake accounts.

Fareed Mosavat / @far33d: Anyone who has spent meaningful time building consumer products knows that the demographic makeup of a DAU is often dramatically different than those of a “user”. It's possible for both “< 5% of mDAU look like spam” and “20% of sampled accounts look like spam” to be true.

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Beserk, or smart? Yeah, we know OP is hostile.

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It IS smart. Berserk means wild, recklessly defiant.