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motrhed3 19 points ago +19 / -0

regardless of all that, how did he manage to attain an ar15? ny has implemented strict controls on the ownership of ar15's. and did he have magazines loaded beyond the 7 round limit?

BombsAway [S] 25 points ago +25 / -0

Yes, he details the process of how his gun came with a mag lock on it & how he used a standard household drill to remove it & modify it to take high capacity mags which he says he already had. The manifesto is bonkers. It reads literally like he took every possible democrat anti-right talking point they usually project or stereotype the right as, then portrayed himself as that. He says the store he bought his gun from & details how it is “cucked” by NY regs about them. He literally said “Yes, I am using the dreaded assault rifle-15” - is that supposed to be some kind of joke? Or is he that stupid? Had to be a joke, right? In the opening pages, he said “here are the most recent photos of me” & it is two photos of Sam Hyde. This shit is a leftist/democrat/antifa false flag to demonize us & it needs to be presented that way to any place we can possibly make it clear:

4chan did not do this, Discord did, still waiting to get more of his discord history. Hoping to stumble upon that some time. Discord = tranny land. In the video, he has furries on his phone - tranny/genderfreak shit. Holes like that all over the whole thing & his manifesto. They did a false flag they thought they could blame on guns & the right wing - they absolutely WILL be successful at that unless we combat it with the facts.

Media is saying he is right wing, he says himself he was a commie at 12, then went “more and more right” and landed as center-left wing auth. So he does say he is left wing. He says it himself, thank god. I am sure his parents are democrats - work at DOT, involved in government, found minutes (text transcriptions) of his dad talking at a meeting or hearing, saw pictures of them & their ahem facial features, definitely democrats, definitely not christian despite claiming it. He looks like Ben Shapiro halfway into turning into the Hulk. I like Ben Shapiro, I am just saying, the shooter looks like a half-transformed hulk where Ben plays Bruce Banner.

Retaliation for Kyle Rittenhouse’s justified self-defense?

Not being anti-Semitic as much as knowing that they are very likely a Jewish family & Kyle stands out because the all three of the degenerates he shot were Jewish.

LesboPregnancyScare 12 points ago +12 / -0

This is my Bushmaster XM-15. That’s right, I used the dreaded military grade assault rifle-15 as my main firearm for this attack.

its a caricature of a a right wing nut job. He cant even call it by its proper name then proceeds to list 80 pages of modifications, attachments, and gear. WTF is this

BombsAway [S] 4 points ago +4 / -0

Fucking nuts, right? They are trying to pin this on right wing people - it can not be.