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That’s the first time I’ve heard that name for ttp and they have so many to muddy the waters.

“Rare” https://communities.win/c/NoNewNormal/p/142Arb8vtD/brainwashed/c

Causing issues for morticians... really rare? https://archive.vn/OMuBA

Embalmers seeing fatal clotting increase https://patriots.win/p/141YbT4Dzk/media-not-touching-this-story--f/c/ Now in 65% of deaths.

Obituary VITTP https://archive.vn/meNeg Fact checked: https://archive.is/nngC2

They’ve called it

Steven Johnson syndrome https://archive.vn/Cbyu4 In this one.

Also thrombocytopenia, like in this infant who’s skin peeled off after breast feeding https://www.medalerts.org/vaersdb/findfield.php?IDNUMBER=1166062 Archive: https://archive.vn/pexHl

TTP: oh the fda saw this coming. Fda possible side effects list Oct 2020: https://files.catbox.moe/v8j5u7.png Full Fda PDF link: https://www.fda.gov/media/143557/download Vaccine and related biological products advisory committee meeting presentation pdf oct 22 202

It happened during the early testing:

Nov 23 2020:


And continued afterwards:

Horrible blisters: https://communities.win/p/12iNGhEkpd/this-is-getting-very-gruesome-no/c/ More horrible blisters: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/14723166/mums-legs-erupted-rash-blisters-after-covid-vaccine/ Black mouth man: https://patriots.win/p/12jccnhrcr/get-your-vax/c/

(Language and graphic image Warning) Phizer injection week prior. Skin conditions on another level: toxic epidermal necrolysis secondary to vaccination https://www.cureus.com/articles/68051-toxic-epidermal-necrolysis-post-covid-19-vaccination---first-reported-case Op: https://patriots.win/p/12jwaLO4XQ/toxic-epidermal-necrolysis-post-/c/ “"This instance highlights an extremely rare vaccine consequence. But the benefits greatly outweigh the risks in the present circumstances, therefore there should be no hesitation among the community to seek vaccination. Therefore, as we report this case, we emphasize the rarity of the occurrence of this side effect, and given the circumstances, this should not influence the decision of taking the vaccine, nor add to the misconceptions out there. In our case, we explained the pathophysiology behind the development of toxic epidermal necrolysis secondary to vaccination and we highlighted the successfulness of eternacept as a safe and fast treatment of this condition."

“Stevens-Johnson syndrome/toxic epidermal necrolysis (SJS/TEN)”

Cut off when mentioning in interview. Related to blood clots https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=eQEPLbunA-U

Black urine, sores in mouth: https://www.bitchute.com/video/GmtTTymHuxnV/ Platelet loss

https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thrombotic_thrombocytopenic_purpura Spontaneous bruising from low platelets


Jan 20 2021: “Vaccine Makers Issue Warnings After Reports Of COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects | CRUX” https://youtu.be/JHGv4CsmVEY Says not to give Vaccine to under 18 or pregnant women. People with abnormally low platelet count, people on medication for illness or that effect the immune system, people on blood thinners like aspirin. Warns against taking second dose if you’ve had an allergic reaction and warns against interchanging doses. “The norway scare” says old and terminally ill should avoid the vaccine altogether.

Jan 11 2021: Death, "Miami Obstetrician Develops Bleeding Disorder, Dies After Getting COVID-19 Vaccine" https://archive.ph/HGM99 ITP Caused by Autoantibody-Mediated Platelet Destruction

Possibly related, Loss of limbs : Jummaci was working as a medical assistant in a clinic in Minneapolis and was instructed to take the COVID-19 “vaccines.” She complied, and immediately after getting the second injection, according to her husband, “she started to experience chest pain at work.” Things went down hill fast after that, as the all-too-familiar symptoms of blood clots, a known side effect of the Pfizer COVID-19 shots, were found in her heart, and today she has had both legs amputated, and will also have to have both of her hands amputated. Link: https://healthimpactnews.com/2021/minnesota-woman-loses-both-legs-and-both-hands-following-second-pfizer-covid-19-shot/ “But the Dr always concludes that this is just a theory which cannot be verified because they do not have testing equipment to clearly state that the vaccine has caused Jummai’s devastation”

Related: loss leg https://communities.win/c/TheDonald/p/13zzR9zAjX/vaccinated-and-lost-her-leg-but-/c/

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Good list! should I assume all of this means it's working.