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I downloaded the entire Journal and read it. Exactly what they discovered from that experiment.

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This is actually what thanksgiving is celebrating. The fact that was forgotten is part of why we are where we are.

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Progressives stand on the shoulders of successful decisions and shout how we must tear it down in favor of their experiments

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Not forgotten.

Deliberately left out of school curriculum.

Remember, Red man good-whitey evil and stupid

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I just found a YouTube channel that has a bunch of the Paul Harvey “rest of the story” segments. Weirdly, I listened to one yesterday about Plymouth communism which I never really heard of before.

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He told it every Thanksgiving. Never got old either.

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Came here to say just that. Didn't rush use this on thanksgiving?

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A Good Person will take what he needs and share with those who are weak because that is what is in his heart. To require that a person give to others is rob Good People of the joy of being able to help and give back and mask the true intentions of the Wicked who would rather hoard their wealth and abundance as those who have fallen on hard times have their hearts wither or harden only to pass that bitterness to the next generation. We were meant to be free to give and work as hard and as much as we wish as to make known our true intentions, build pride, self-worth, character and prove ourselves worthy of God's Mercy when we move on to meet our Creator.

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Nailed it. True charity cannot be attained without the grace of God, forced welfare is a symptom of a godless society. The social Kingship of Christ is virtually extinguished in these times but it will return.

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They tried it at at Jamestown too:

"The incentives provided by the charter of 1609, however, were still only future promises. The colony was still being run on "communist" principles: each person contributed the fruit of his labor according to his ability to a common storehouse run by the company, and from this common store each received produce according to his need. And this was a communism not voluntarily contracted by the colonists themselves, but imposed upon them by their master, the Virginia Company, the receiver of the arbitrary land grant for the territory.

"The result of this communism was what we might expect: each individual gained only a negligible amount of goods from his own exertions - since the fruit of all these went into the common store-and hence had little incentive to work, or to exercise initiative or ingenuity under the difficult conditions in Virginia. And this lack of incentive was doubly reinforced by the fact that the colonist was assured, regardless of how much or how well he worked, of an equal share of goods from the common store. Under such conditions, with the motor of incentive gone from each individual, even the menace of death and starvation for the group as a whole - and even a veritable reign of terror by the governors - could not provide the necessary spur for each particular man."

  • Murray Rothbard, Conceived In Liberty, Volume 1, pg 49
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If you like audiobooks the whole thing is free on YouTube:


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I like audiobooks! Thank you.

Do you know any good ones on the History of Communism? Namely, I'm interested in how the communists make fake promises to the idealists only to kick them to the curb once communism is far enough along.

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Hmmm, not on that exact subject.

Here's a good documentary series though:


No playlist, alas, but search Rotman & Barberis to find the other episodes. It's French-made so it goes into the European internal side of things more than we usually get to see.

Also this book (Sharfarevich) covers the whole history of the idea going back to ancient times:


And Rothbard is his usual indefatigable self:


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Came here to say this, it was John Smith who turned it around, by applying biblical truth to the way they organized society.

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The commies claimed to be "biblical" as well, likewise the commies up at Plymouth, and the commie wing of the English Civil War, and the Taborites and the Munsterites and the Kibbutzim et cetera et cetera.

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True story: My family included the settlers at Plymouth that first year, but when the Puritans objected to them trying to make their own progress, they left and formed their own colony which eventually became a separate state. Sometimes you just have to do your own thing and be a boss about it.

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Except there’s nowhere left to go to set up and try things your own way, except maybe Antarctica, or the moon. Maybe buy Greenland

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Elon is taking us all to Mars.

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The American frontier is full of many very similar stories. There have been countless communes attempted in American history. Everyone of them failed and usually in a spectacular fashion. Most are lost to time at this point. We've been learning collective ownership doesn't work for 400+ fucking years, and still most people think it's a great idea.

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I have personal experience with a commune that experienced the same fate (of course). When it became clear that the inhabitants would have to go to work outside of the compound and pay for things, most left. The ones that stayed behind realized that if they were using their hard earned dollars, they wanted meat and booze. Bye bye vegetarians and teetotalers, lol.

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Another fun fact of history: the Spanish celebrated the first two Thanksgivings in America, well before the one recounted by the northern settlers.

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If socialists understood how economics work, they wouldn't be socialists.

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There is an entire chapter in Atlas Shrugged covering this exact subject. In the book, it end exactly the way you'd expect, in utter ruin.

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The twentieth century motor company?

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Those were the rascals. Back in the '70's, somebody tried to make TCMC a real thing.

Who is John Galt?

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"Lets go Brandon" is the new "Who is John Galt?"

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People can't even return shopping carts but think shared resources will go smoothly.

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Did you know, the USA has many socialist practices within its system which makes it overall less efficient?

We need to end welfare, end all redistribution programs, end all civil rights laws, end all "equality" laws, end child support, end alimony, defund education, defund healthcare and truly make the system not socialist. Things would be much better.

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Black median income would double in a year if welfare ended change my view

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This is true. I have read William Bradford's diary, which is the original source document of the Plymouth colony. Also, like many of you, I also heard it on Rush Limbaugh's show.

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Yes. So for all the libtard/democrat lurkers who believe that communism has never been tried in America...YES IT HAS, and it failed miserably. Just like every other time.

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When your ass is on the line you get going. Yupp

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Wasn’t there cannibalism involved in this story?

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Great post, I thought everyone knew about this dilution of responsibility nightmare. I was taught about this in school when I was a kid, maybe because I lived so close to Plymouth or maybe because I went to school when they still sort of worked....kinda.

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Funny cause it's true

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Twentieth Century Motor Company got the same outcome.