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I work in the medical field. Every new job I get I have to either take a TB skin test or quantiferon blood draw which checks to see if you were exposed to TB. (Note: this doesn’t mean you have full blown TB it just checks to see if you were exposed to it as TB can remain latent for many years before it becomes active.) when I was in school I was forced to go to the department of health and study in a TB lab (where I was exposed to active TB samples). In spite of the many precautions in place, I was exposed and ever since I have always tested positive for TB and forced to get a chest X-ray to ensure it wasn’t active in my lungs. After many years of this, and with increasingly bad asthma, I started taking daily doses of the horse medicine to prevent Covid and surprisingly this made my asthma damn near clear up. Long story short, I got fired from one hospital for using my inhaler on the job (during as asthma attack) because I pulled my mask down. So I applied for a new company who of course did a TB test which came back positive. Unfortunately this company didn’t work out for other reasons. However my asthma was getting so bad I decided to take ivermectin daily for the next week or so since without insurance I could no longer get my inhalers (what a fucking joke). So after applying for a new company, they did the TB test as well and lo and behold, for the first time in 10 years, it came back negative. Just thought I’d share if anyone is interested.

God Bless.

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I guess the only question left is - what does ivermectin NOT cure at this point?

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