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Building7 2 points ago +2 / -0

Not disagreeing with you. But the problem is that once we have to accept the 'no violence premise' we are easily boxed in.

-Violent threat today = "I believe we should kill the pedophile named X"

-Violent threat tomorrow = "I believe we should kill pedophiles"

-Violent threat a week from now = "I believe we should do something about pedophiles"

-Violent threat a month from now = "I believe we should own fire arms to protect ourselves from pedophiles"

-Violent threat a year from now = "I disagree with pedophilia"

The slippery slope is real and I will just go ahead and say it, the reason that the globalists can get away with the things they do is that we are not overtly violent, they know they can walk the tight rope, rob the treasury, protect child traffickers and will continue to do so as long as the risk of violent retaliation for undermining our country is non existent. In fact without the threat of violence, there is no reason for them to not keep pushing the limit.

Imagine the agents from Ruby Ridge who shot a child and a mother. Imagine if some of those agents had the favor returned to their wives and children. Do you think they would think twice in the future? Or how about something more recent, there was an instance were the government was going to unjustly seize assets from some ranchers and about 100+ patriots showed up with AR-15's and the government slowly backed away.

The biggest worry we have is that if we attempt to organize in the way our founding fathers intended that we are going to be isolated and taken down or cancelled. I understand this fear, but it's also the reason why your country was so easily taken from us in the past century.