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Lapstrake 125 points ago +155 / -30

Yup. Glowfags are here 24/7. They try to get us to rah rah lets attack the government!

shadypollster 87 points ago +95 / -8

How about that post where dude was saying we should tamper with the mail. Yeah totally not a felony to do that. Fuck that shit.

Tune-A-Fish 60 points ago +94 / -34

The glowies always write short hate filled responses and call everyone fags/gay, use CAPS, jew hatred, etc --- pretty obvious because all their responses are similar.

Whitespace 1 point ago +1 / -0

I don't hate the jews, I'm just aware of what they've been doing. Massive difference which boomers were trained to ignore.

My mom still believes that 6 million jews were methodically killed by the nazis. Even more preposterous, that was somehow worse than the 10s of millions of people killed. The Allied destruction of the food supply had nothing to do with it etc etc.