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Yeah, having your entire worldview shattered like that. It's gotta be like suddenly finding out that your spouse is cheating on you and has been doing it for years.

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I've only ever seen it happen like this onse. Its a rare but glorious transformation.

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Next step, remove all virtue signalling yard signs. Add American flag to house again.

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She's definitely not yet ready for the salty army..

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Wow...it's got to be very satisfying to turn your mother to the red pill!
Congratulations, wwwppprrrbbbbbbbbb! You saved her.

Dinesh D'Souza: thank you, thank you!

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She finally saved herself.

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Why is it always a fucking movie that gets people.

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As a reformed leftist myself, the left are champions of rationalization. So to shock them you have to show them evidence that’s so simple and self-evident they can’t rationalize it away, because it’s staring them right in the face.

Video can do that better than any other medium. A documentary is even better because you can frame the narrative.

The best thing Dinesh included in that movie was how the True the Vote team solved a cold-case murder using the same type of data. That’s the “smack across the face” that the left just can’t rationalize away, which opens the door to them also accepting the other data that’s presented.

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I actually showed my mom a video and I kid you not, she shook my hand and gave me 100 dollars on the spot for saving her. We have been great friends since then

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which video?

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His conception

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Right? Gotta remember that and do what works though.

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Yeah. The problem is another movie could convert them back. I got converted on cold hard data.

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You have to get and keep attention long enough that people remember it for longer than a few hours and hope the message gets into long term memory. This can be accomplished through short messages given repeatedly, or with a meaningful experience that is longer and is meaningful enough that the person thinks about it again several times over the next few days (giving oneself the short messages repeatedly).

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Make sure she doesn’t rabbit hole too hard and get mixed up with that Q garbage.

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So there's not an elite group of pedos running the world?


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Shhh, dont feed the misinformation trolls trying to divide.

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Right? What a gaslight this is.

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Why am I hearing Bob Marley's Redemption Song in my head...

Good on ya, Pede. And yer mom, too!

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Wwwwppprbbbbbbbb a name to remember.

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I can't even get my liberal family members to watch it because they know in their heart that the election was stolen so they just stick with the ignorance is bliss excuse. I wish there was an amber alert that would get every phone to explode with the video so the sheep could see the truth.

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You'd probably have to strap them down, prop open their eyelids, and force them to watch it like that scene in a Clockwork Orange.

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Like what they do to deprogram people who are brainwashed.

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exhausting isnt it? i think im giving up

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Make a trade. Say you will watch a film of their choosing if they watch your film.

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She sounds like a fair woman able to listen to reason when the truth is undeniable.

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CONGRATS pede! How did she end up watching it?

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Last time I visited I left it open on the desktop of her computer.. she thought it was a nature documentary..

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O look! 2000 mules! I love mules. This video will be fun! WTF? What? NO! OMG!!??? They did what? Fuck!! It's true. Why am I crying? Wwwppprrrrbbbbbbbbb was right all along. We have all been betrayed! Someone needs to die!!!

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That's funny!

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🤣🤣🤣 Love this! I'll file this under subtle ways to red pill.

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Very subtle and clever.

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Show her the Atlanta video of them pulling boxes of votes and then running the machines after they said they were done counting for the night.

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"why do my eyes hurt?" " you've never used them before"

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Also tell her to be ready to be shunned by fellow Democrats. You may have to be quick and at the ready to save her from being pulled back into groupthink. Not everyone is strong enough to stand on their own.

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I dunno, some of us got red pilled harder when we dared raise our hand and say “the Emperor is naked” and saw how all our “friends” reacted.

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Praise Jesus! We got another one!

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50% of Dems are 1 click away from being MAGA.

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She's fragile right now. She could regress. Be sure to acknowledge that yes, sometimes our side does have some shitty things as well, and we can admit to this. Maybe even come up with a few examples. It shows that we not only have a better philosophy, but we also recognize our faults. We don't claim to be everything to all people, nor do we promise to be the solution to all problems.

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Did you forget to switch accounts, OP?

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I can't be some dude who just provided my own perspective on what the OP said? I have to be accused of being that person? LOL. Ok, then yes, I'm the OP and I forgot to switch accounts. Hey everybody, I'm the OP.

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Next stop, black pillville. Please keep all sharp objects away from the passengers.

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Congratulations PEDE. Your family is cross the Rubicon. I’m jealous

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Bruh… that’s legit awesome man

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It was a long fight pede, but the victory was worth it.

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Big if true

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Red pilling can be downright dangerous too. My wife was a semi-normie for many years. I think she though I was a little off my rocker at times. When COVID hit and she had to administer tests, and then vaccines, she got fully red pilled, and had to stop watching the news completely. It was simply too much for her to process. She never has really been the same since, and doesn't really trust anyone anymore.

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Finally and God bless you both!!

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Yay! 👏

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Wow! Awesome!

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Which evidence given in the film is what finally opened her mind?

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the video footage of the midnight ballot stuffing.. she said she understood now why I was so insistent on going to vote at the polls on election day..

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Serious question as someone who hasn’t seen the movie:

If this film is such a smoking gun and able to convince skeptics why is it behind a paywall and not more widely available?

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Because things cost money to make. Also there are quite a few resources to see it free.

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I get that, and I certainly have no problems with capitalism or making money.

Just seems like something you would want to drive more exposure to.

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If you search the usual sites you can find it (BitChute, Odyssee, etc).

But you won’t find us promoting that. The more revenue Dinesh makes from his movies, the more incentive he has to keep making them.

This movie is changing minds too. It’s definitely worth paying for.

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It's on odysee. Also, support the people who produce this caliber of work, ya friggin poor.

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How did she view it. She actually watched it on Rumble?

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It took me years to red pill a leftist. Never give up pedes.

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Feels good man

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This is fantastic. This whole thread. Gobbless

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She's one in a million. Most dig a deeper hole in which to bury their head.

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It’s always better to know the truth. As hard as it is, you did her a favor.

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Did she make the same sound as your username? That is awesome. Happy for you!

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A true liberal never gives up on faggotry

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It's the propaganda, people can't unplug.

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At least she viewed it objectively, and not just dismiss it because of a bias lens. Theirs hope

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Congratulations on the red pill.

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I cry with butter joy with you 'pede.

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Sorry... but... when i dont want to spend the gas to go somewhere because of these retards... i have no sympathy. Fuck ur mom. Fuck my grandma. Fuck them all.

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