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If you know ANYONE that is contemplating on taking the mRNA poison, they must be stopped.

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For clarification she passed away last Thursday after suffering a stroke induced by a brain bleed (ICH). The doctors never told me it was caused by clotting but did diagnose her with an ICH (a common cause of ICH is clotting in the brain).

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If you're considering legal action of some sort, let me know. I'll give you the link to our legal resources.

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Could you send me that?

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Here you go:



I suggest starting with Ralpj Lorigo and/or Renz Law. CALL them, don't email. (Email may not be answered right away.) Also, if I recall, one or both of them have online "chat" options for initial, quick questions.

And please keep us posted. Not only do we care, but we need info on how this process goes and whether cases are getting traction.

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May God bless you and keep you

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Condolences fren. * sits with you in silence and weeps*

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Because our country is so corrupt, you cannot sue the vaccine manufacturer, however you can sue employers and doctors

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I am so sorry for your loss. I know several people who have gotten clots from this poison. One also had clotting in the brain, had to have brain surgery and is now deaf in one ear. These people I know who were affected are by this clot shot are all victims. Victims of being naive and overly trusting of dumb ass doctors. Fauci and others need to fry.

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Sorry for your loss.

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I am sorry, pede.

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That is horrible. Doctors and vax manufacturers are immune from liability, but at least one state has recently ruled that employers who mandated the vax could be held liable for vax injuries if the employees felt forced to take it.

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Missouri did that. Other states may have as well, not sure.

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Doctors are not immune. Anything can be construed as medical malpractice

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They are immune specifically in regards to the covid "vaccine" gene-therapy, given blanket immunity by our wonderful government.

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8 people my sister knows who live in the same area, who got the jab in the same place, either died, had multiple clots, serious afib, and heart attacks. who knows how many are in that shape that she doesn't know. most got it because their sorry ass dr said they needed it, people put too much faith in drs.

you aren't alone, and somebody needs to pay.

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So sorry to hear that. Take care Pede.

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😢. So very sad to hear… way too young… stay strong

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Oh, this is heartbreaking. I am so sorry.

May the Lord grant her Heaven, send healing to you and all her loved ones, and Destroy all those who have perpetrated this Evil upon us with Double Destruction.+++

Please also share this with u/Slechta5614 -- the host of our Prayer Garden.

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The worlds getting more and more vile, I believe your mother is in a better place and definitely do everything I can do tell people about the poison. Take care and God Bless

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Prayer fren. This is terrible.

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Sorry for your loss. Terrible.

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I'm sorry for your loss, fren.... feels bad. Sending you prayers.

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My triple boosted aunt has to have open heart surgery

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I’ll say a prayer.

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I stole my mom's keys when she had an appointment to get the vax. I may have saved her life and she now see the truth.

And I don't know if she's ever thanked me for it. Lol

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i AM SO SORRY. I usually support older people taking the vax but, apparently that's not safe, either. Why am I constantly duped? Guess I'm a rube. I'm not vaxxed, never been tested, took Ivermectin for a cough, When my dad (78) told me he got vaxxed, I was okay with it. 58 is too young to die. I am so sorry for your loss.

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That would be the specific demographic that the vaccine pushers say is useless and a danger eg "muh aging population". I won't be encouraging old people to get this thing. It's designed to kill them.

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God bless and keep her.

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All of my mom's side of the family took the fauci ouchie... one of my cousin's kids is suffering from congestive heart failure now.

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How old? Was it clearly linked? I'm curious

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She's like in her mid 30s.

Ever since she got the shot, she's been miserable.

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The vaccine got my mom too...The mortician who embalmed her said her body was ate up with blood clots...said when he was flushing her veins that it looked like she had little spaghetti noodles all through her body...she never had problems with blood clots and just had all kinds of test done that should've let us know about the clots but nothing showed up

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Sorry for your loss. I've tried to scream at and shake people to get them to listen, and I get back half asked assurances like "I'm an adult, I know what I'm doing" my grandma literally said "I did my research, and I'm getting the good one" I then asked how many shots she thought there were and she had no clue. The one and done got removed and the rest are now a subscription. I fucking tried.

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Wife’s brother-in-law got 4th jab and four days later died from clots in his lungs. We tried to tell them so many times! Now her sister understands what we were warning about. She confessed to my wife, “I think the vax killed my husband.”

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I'm pretty sure my mother is having complications from the jab and won't last much longer.

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I hope she has a more prosperous reincarnation next time by choosing another colony that is better suited to her development.

they must be stopped.

Each controls his own destiny. All we can do is clear our own Karma by warning against it, perhaps share some of the many compilation videos nobody watches anymore.

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You may not realize this yet but you will come out this a much stronger person.

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Let me guess, she lives in a red state? My trash extended family, whom I’ve disavowed, all live in Northeast blue states and despite all of them being vaccinated nobody’s dead yet. I think they gave out most of the placebos in that region.

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Fascinating. Thank you!

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Really the first you've heard of the site?

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Oh wow.. Better late than never I guess. Its been around long enough now I thought it would almost be a joke mentioning it here again

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I read every post I see about the shots, and I didn’t know about that site either.

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Condolences fern. My father in law had a stroke five hours after his second shot.

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My sincere sympathies to you. May your mother Rest In Peace.

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Many such cases

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Sorry man.

I tried to tell my mom and dad not to get the boosters but they got it anyways. Hopefully they'll be ok in the long run

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why'd we waste all that fucking time and money on anti peer pressure campaigns

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So sorry for your loss.

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God Bless and Guide.

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I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry. I wish that I had stronger words that could comfort you. I'll remember you and those who post with similar stories when I see vax pushing. I'll even sneer at Trump when he pushes it. Your mother was killed by political terrorism.

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Sorry to hear that, man. I had an aunt (in law) die of the vaccine. Clots everywhere. Arms, feet and black patches everywhere.

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At least she won't be getting through next one though.

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I’m sorry to hear that 😞

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I'm so sorry... my heart and prayers with you and yours.

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Condolences, fren. Please accept my prayers for her soul.

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Why would i interrupt an enemy that is in the process of destroying them selves 😂. With that said. Sorry to hear. You cant fix these people. They are to far gone in the head from saving. Its gonna be painful, its like watching them fall to theyre death.

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This whole thread. You are NOT sorry. Sympathize yes, never sorry. Get a grip.

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Did you do anything about it or mumble under your breath? Those people killed your mother and you did nothing? Its what I'll never understand. Supposedly all these loved ones died and yet no one made a big deal about it. If you didn't do anything or hold anyone responsible then you didn't care....if you don't care then why should anyone else.....Who do they have to kill to make you do something?

SuperSilly 7 points ago +7 / -0

Those people killed your mother and you did nothing?

What, exactly should this mourning person DO? GO SHOOT UP WASHINGTON? VOTE HARDER? What is your suggestion? You judge people who should not be judged. They are voicing their hurt on here. Yet, you don't give any solutions. Go to HELL QUICKLY.

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Where did she get the vaccine? Who was the doctor? Have you inconvenienced that doctor or business? Did you show them what they did? How about how the vaccine is being brought in? Did you make it any harder? Have you contacted anyone? Sued anyone? There are alot of things you can do.....or you can just say "bummer" and call it a day, head back to work and forget it........Show up at the person who gave you the vaccine house? Let their family know they killed someone ...

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Yeah, Rambo let’s see what you would do? Let me guess, nothing as well.

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What are you doing about the situation ?

WhoCanPutThemInJail -1 points ago +2 / -3

Wasn't my parent, mine were informed because I cared enough to tell em..which is why they ain't dying from an experimental jab...

RallyinStJohnsWood 1 point ago +1 / -0

well, that's something. good job.