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needles were used 40 to 60 times. >

That's likely the way it was transmitted. The vaccine just weakened the immune system so they couldnt fight it off.

I think they were trying to place blame on something other than their poor medical practices.

That being said, vaccines have been the cause of a lot of chronic illness and SIDS as well.

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It was created with the polio vaccine.

Rolling Stone overview of the theory that has since been scrubbed: http://www.mifami.org/eLibrary/Curtis-OriginOfAIDS-RollingStone.pdf

HBO documentary removed from mainstream sites: https://www.bitchute.com/video/QFyBNVJt2jcx/

And the website of Edward Hooper, investigative journalist with a lot of info on the link between vaccines and SIVs jump to humans: http://www.aidsorigins.com/category/articles/

85% of the villages with the first cases of HIV were vaccine locations.

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Oh yes. SV-40 contaminated American vaccines.

SIV contaminated African vaccines.

The whole vaccine industry is a criminal enterprise.

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the elites sure do seem to love AIDS

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Wait, the same Dr Robert Redfield (left, third to last paragraph)? wtf

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Polio vaccine caused HIV.

Not the Salk one but the Koprowski’s trial and no not the oral vaccine like they are now gas lighting but rather the sub dermal one that never made it out of clinical trials. Salk was using laboratory monkeys to get primary cells to pass the polio virus to produce attenuated virus, Koprowski was being cheap and paying locals in the DRC for wild monkeys. HIV is a result of using cell cultures with high amounts of SIV in it to inject people with trial polio virus. He conducted trials in the DRC and Haiti, where the first HIV cases were located.

Here is the wildly cited paper that claims this is not the case "https://www.nature.com/articles/428820a" in general it is "This highly mutating virus (HIV) after 80 years is not similar enough to this other highly mutating virus (SIV) to prove that it came from it, therefor it didn't."

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There's a headline for every theory.