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minoritytrump 103 points ago +103 / -0

I'm black, and I would take 4 steps forward. However, unlike the people who are trying to win the oppressed Olympics, I am a successful adult and my kids would take 14 steps forward.

Ironically, my kids look at my childhood and are envious of some of the freedom and experiences I had.

I had to take risk they didn't, I had to navigate adults in public as a young child, I had to know who the bad people were and avoid them. I had to work from 14 years old.

If I didn't have to overcome these supposed "disadvantages", then I wouldn't be able to create a more loving environment for my kids, and wouldn't be able to teach them the "lessons learned" from having to build my life via a harder path than others.

I learned to compete. I learned to WIN. I also learned that the people I was brought up envying (the ones who would get 14 or 15 steps forward) didn't have the hunger and drive I had.

It's nuanced but, honestly, I wouldn't want to start my life any other way.

DiscoverAFire 3 points ago +3 / -0

That's key. Making sure your kids get every advantage you can give them, regardless of your personal upbringing