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Yep, Lithium is pretty damn volatile. It's not as if you dig up lumps of it in the dirt, put it in a cart, take it to the factory and start making batteries out of the stuff.

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I just dig up mud and tell it that it would feel much better if it identified as Lithium and didn't tell its parents.

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Fucking groomers.


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That's the "beauty" of all these green energies: they outsource all the bad stuff.

  • Toxic batteries get produced in some 3rd world country.
  • While they're here they magically provide energy that doesn't produce CO2 because electricity "comes from the wall socket".
  • Local electricty production is totally renewable (and because renewable doesn't produce enough they import from neighboring states or countries, who use coal and nuclear).
  • Once the batteries are done they get sent off to some 3rd world country to be "recycled".
  • Same with solar panels and to some extent wind turbines.
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They genuinely believe that using fossil fuels to generate power doesn't count if you can't see where the fuel is being burned.

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Some of us went to Europe when Europe still had coal-burning plants that produced ash. The sight of coal ash in snow is nasty. It was also very different from the United States, which had already put scrubbers on all of their plants.

The truth is, our fossil fuel plants burn very clean, which is why some asshole decided to call carbon dioxide a "pollutant".

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Yeah that shit that feeds trees is bad news

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You must getting on as they have had clean burning coal and particle filters in the power stations for a long time now. The days of black soot coming out of the chimneys are way gone. Maybe the late 80 ?

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We put the ash in cinder blocks.

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Don't forget all the mining that has to be done to obtain these rare metals.

Outside the climate cult, I never would imagine seeing people insist mining is environmentally sustainable.

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If we were to make use of space it certainly would be

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And as you noted, all outsourced to 3rd world countries in particular . The ignorance of these “green” chumps is spectacular

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like nevada

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Yeah but then they end up in this country polluting the shit out of everything.

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Back in the day old people were prescribed Lithium to make them docile.

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Still are.

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underrated comment

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Nah I think they give him amphetamines to hype him up before appearances

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My high school friend died of a lithium overdose. He struggled with depression, though I really never knew about it. He hid it pretty well. Until he didn't.

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Now lets bury that in our landfills and allow it to leak into our rivers.

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It is very toxic. :(

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"Rare Earths" aren't actually that rare. It's just that most "Western" nations have decided that it's easier to allow the other nations to bear the horrific cost of the mining and chemical extraction required to produce the elements.

It's one of the very few things I'll agree with groups like Greenpeace on. If we want those resources, then we should be bearing the cost of extracting them ourselves. Plus, it saves on the transport costs to ship it half way across the world to the end user.

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The rarity comes from how much you get out of x amount of rock/soil.

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If you check the definition in a real dictionary, like one published before the 1970's, it will tell you that the rare in "rare earths" means raw. The same as rare steak. They were called rare earths because the scientists who discovered them suspected mathematically that the ores contained more elements than they were able to isolate given their crude processes of the time. So they were rare, not purified.

Rare earths are not hard to find. Gadolinium, for example, is as common in the earth's crust as copper, and more easily extracted.

In the late 1990's, the story about the etymology of rare earths suddenly switched. Not coincidentally, right around the time the modern environmental fear porn industry took off.

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You are correct.

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I've learned so much in this thread

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Whatever nerd. I prefer my source materials come from third world child labor

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Would you be interested in these diamonds I have? Still wet with the blood of the children I enslaved to dig them up.

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Im sure that oil refineries and derricks arent that clean either.

My main issues with EVs are these:

Govt can just turn off your power if you dont comply. They cant shut down gas stations for just you. Yet.

In a natural disaster or emergency, youre just fucked if youre not charged up. Same for some situations and gasoline of course...but ICE engines have a lot more leeway/flexibility in SHTF scenarios.

The portability and energy density of gasoline/diesel is what made it what it is today. EVs have a long way to go despite recent strides forward.

More power to those that want one and/or have one. Ive never been an early adopter of anything; its more expensive and problems havent been solved. Once its all figured out and advanced some more Ill be more interested. Until then I dont want it shoved down my throat via expensive fuel and stupid mandates.

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They cant shut down gas stations for just you.

Well.. pumps do run on electricity.

In a natural disaster or emergency, youre just fucked if youre not charged up.

That's where home storage of power, at least the way it's deployed now is pretty stupid. On the other hand, I can see why people don't want to stash it in their basement with additional fire suppression.

Until electric cars have their own panels and self-charge with a little time in the sun, they're not particularly advantageous. Though, they could be. It's typical green new con stuff.. take ideas that certainly will come true, and just lie to people that it works today. (coughelonmuskcough)

The portability and energy density of gasoline/diesel is what made it what it is today.

Exactly; (Don't) See: Electric Planes. Electric Ships.

Until then I dont want it shoved down my throat via expensive fuel and stupid mandates.

They don't care about you. This is all about making easy to monopolize markets for their rich friends. They'll be fine if it all get so utterly compromised as to be useless, as long as the no bid contracts go out.. they're happy.

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You dont drive your fucking house to work either you retard 🤣😂🤣

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All of the newer cars have the same vulnerability: they can be turned off, too. The type engine is irrelevant.

I want to see both types of cars in competition, so that both are optimized. This is the best result for consumers.

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This is a salt evaporation pond. This is nothing new. Look it up. Humans have used this method to extract various types of salts, including table salt (sodium chloride) for a very long time. See my comments below.

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Good luck convincing people here that have zero geology, industry knowledge....

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Do the high schools or junior high schools teach geology?

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The green new deal is the most poisonous plan for the environment ever.

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In the end, it's not about the environment at all. It's about control.

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Always was

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Batteries are great for your phone and tools. For your car or utility power, they’re a disaster.

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I'm just waiting for the small nuclear reactors of which Trump told the DoE to fund development. It's going to make it much cheaper and easier to put nuclear reactors anywhere they're needed.

Keep in mind "small" is like 10000 ft² mansion sized, not gas tank sized

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Humans have been using this method for extracting sodium chloride(table salt) for a very, very long time. Look up Salt evaporation ponds. This is nothing new. There's a massive 16000 acre facility on the San Francisco bay that has been doing this since the 1800s, and ever longer by the Ohlone Indians. So no surprises these methods are being used to process lithium salts from brine. The ponds can be quite beautiful from the algae and minerals crystalizing out of the brine.

The massive sludge ponds from livestock and meat production and the massive ash piles from coal burning are much more impactful that salt evaporation ponds.

Unfortunately humans have a tendency to make great demands on our natural resources, be it salt, lithium salts, agriculture, fishing.

But go ahead and use this imagery to further the narrative you wish to promote.

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Now talk about how much water is required to fully distill out the lithium salts in the deserts where this process takes place

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Sure, let's talk about water use in various aspects of industrial production:


500,000 gallons to produce 1 ton of lithium. A single 18650 LiIon cell has approximately .6g of Li in it. So this works out to ~15,119,975 cells A lot of lithium is produced by injecting water and collecting the brine, then evaporating the produce to produce lithium carbonate.

Tesla Model X has an equivalent of 8256 18650 cells, so that's about 1831 Model X's

One gallon of gasoline requires 3-6 gallons of water to produce, depending on the extraction and processing. Do you want to discuss water injection used to increase crude recovery in oil wells?

How about agriculture - producing beef requires approximately 1800 gallons a pound(of course there is a lot of variability in this number) - this number includes growing/processing grains to feed livestock, watering of the animals, and teh eventual processing of the animal.

What else should we cover. We use a lot of water.

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Now talk about where the electricity comes from that is stored in the Lithium batteries

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Yes this is a idiot post and idiots are upvoting it.

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Yes but this is not table salt. Are you saying that these cesspools are benign and not toxic as the post claims? You obviously work in an industry that creates these things. You’re practically jerking off as you paint a verbal picture of these glorious leach pits.

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I love all the down-votes of historical facts. Keep em' coming mouth breathers.

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The ponds can be quite beautiful from the algae and minerals crystalizing out of the brine.

But go ahead and use this imagery to further the narrative you wish to promote

Mouth breathers... you can't even see your own hypocrisy in the same rant. What a fucking cunt.

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I’d rather drive around with a nuclear reactor in my boot

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I'm sure NASA or ESA would give us an RTG if we asked nicely...

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Without context it is kinda pretty

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So's a mushroom cloud.

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Algae and mineral crystallization give it the color.

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White bitches are burning coal at levels previously unimagined by Man

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Hmm, looks like the Great Salt Lake

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Okay? And steel mills are full of molten metal. A bird landing on it dies in seconds!

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i don't know how to convince the libs that they're retarded as fuck but demonstrating it with facts and real world examples is totally ineffective

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But muh carbon that literally is the backbone of life itself and provides the vital ingredient for plants to flourish. Gotta reduce that!

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So that's where Mello Yello is made. The more you know...

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Dumb, my tesla is amazing. I'm not saying all cars should be electric, let the market fight and drop subsidies.

Go test drive a tesla. Then ignore the car companies and their desperate attempt to stop the new companies from putting them away.

The new ford lightning isn't too bad either.

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Doesn't lithium make the friends in my head be quiet?

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In a salt flat. Where there is no life.

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Wasn't this in the latest Bond film?

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It's like a work of art, honestly. Of course the environmental impact is terrible but as a picture it's quite beautiful imo.

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And just think, the waste chemicals have to go somewhere 🤷‍♂️

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dont care

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Oh wow? Why dont you care? Why?????!! I need to know!!!!!!! Pleaaase

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True maga means getting mad at gays, calling out jews and stating over and over I got covid and just general anti voting doomer shit?

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Oh, you. Still afraid of the Jews. Must be hard.

SmartGuy 3 points ago +5 / -2

I was sarcastically calling out what I get downvotes for opposing…

libscaneatmyass 3 points ago +5 / -2

Apologies, up voting for sarcasm! Carry on!

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Don't upvote this crap. Lithium is contained in the environment as safely as fracking is done. You can be against the green new deal, but EV's are here to stay and grow because they kick any gas engines ass in torque, speed, and energy cost. And you look like a crusty old boomer when you bitch about them.

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Found the Tesla/Musk boot licker.

TehAgent 7 points ago +8 / -1

Closet pRedditor using boOmeR shit too

paidprotest -1 points ago +1 / -2

Every MAGA kid under 30 thinks EV is the future, and yes they would call you a boomer too.

paidprotest 1 point ago +2 / -1

Found the idiot that never took geology or chemistry in school.

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