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They are so stupid. They think the raid might be justified! But there are no secrets to keep classified by a President. The role of the lower level people is to kept secrets and respect classification (like Hillary) until the President gives the direction to the country. A President is the commander in chief and doesn’t have to keep secrets. If Trump decides to bring one of his love letter to Kim Jung Un in a box, it is not classified. Nothing is a classified document to him. The raid at mar a lago cannot be justified in any shape or form. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/eric-trump-gives-clearest-indication-yet-possible-trump-2024-run-following-fbi-raid

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Nope, they are doing what CNN did about Wikileaks "it's illegal for you guys to read them, but it's different for us".

In the Wikileaks case, they are trying to keep people from finding out about illegal activity with Clinton, in this case they are trying to promote illegal activity with Trump.

But it is cute you believe that Fox's hundreds of lawyers don't know the law.

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They don’t. They are run by British thugs where the PM is not a commander in chief. They don’t even understand the 2A and claim that is for hunting.

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They quite literally don't. They break the law all the time and just don't care because they know their incestuous relationship with the feds keeps them safe.

Nice downvote, faggot