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They are so stupid. They think the raid might be justified! But there are no secrets to keep classified by a President. The role of the lower level people is to kept secrets and respect classification (like Hillary) until the President gives the direction to the country. A President is the commander in chief and doesn’t have to keep secrets. If Trump decides to bring one of his love letter to Kim Jung Un in a box, it is not classified. Nothing is a classified document to him. The raid at mar a lago cannot be justified in any shape or form. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/eric-trump-gives-clearest-indication-yet-possible-trump-2024-run-following-fbi-raid

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Yes...he had to declassify them and there is a process involved in doing that. He may have ordered them declassified but the question now is, did those underflings complete that process?

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Doesn't matter. If he can show that he gave the order, then underlings failing to carry it out is on them, not him.