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But there are unpatriotic fucks with an R after their name all over.

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Ding ding ding...

"Republicans, and conservatives, and right" are not synonymous...

Patriot is a BIG TENT word....and I think that's the word that should have been used.

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The inaction of the DOJ regarding any of the 2020 election crimes is all you need to know they're not really law enforcement any more. It's a politicized entity that's been corrupted like so many others.

But what evidence of election crimes bro???


Michigan State Senate Hearing on 2020 Election Crimes: https://m.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=7461&v=X0-vyw9qbdw&feature=emb_logo

(6:13:00 for Dr Linda Tarver's testimony)

Georgia State Senate Hearing on 2020 Election Crimes: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=hRCXUNOwOjw

(33:20 for video of concealed boxes being presented)

Arizona State Legislature Hearing on 2020 Election Crimes: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=KXyOtzADUCU

  • Vote counting was halted the night of the election in many swing states with no reason given or fake reasons supplied (water main, just toilet overflow)
  • Hundreds of eyewitnesses gave testimony at multiple states' legislative sessions detailing the election crimes
  • Video evidence showing concealed cases of ballots being pulled out and scanned repeatedly in Georgia after the poll watchers were removed due to the "water main leak".
  • Voters identified as indefinitely confined to illegally receive absentee ballots even though they are young and healthy
  • Ballots for voters under the age of 18 were counted
  • Voters submitted multiple ballots in the same state or across multiple states
  • Voters submitted ballots in states they do not live in
  • Poll watchers illegally removed from polling places for questioning fraudulent vote counting
  • Absentee ballots counted even though voters never requested or filled them out
  • Vote counting machines had overridden vote selection percentages above 60% in some counties, and FAR above normal ranges in many others (Antrim county machine audit)
  • Vote counting machines had the overridden vote selection logs wiped for 2020, but previous years' log data was still there (Antrim county machine audit)
  • 2000 Mules: Thousands of individuals repeatedly dropped off multiple ballots into drop boxes violating the law. The total number of these ballots alone is enough to shift the result of the election.

The 2020 Election Was A Complete Fraud

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She forgot to include GOP in that list

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GOP agreed to send them.

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Not Republican, not happy.

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Challenge accepted. Slay them all.

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Good Thing, I'm a Conservative.

It's like calling POTUS, President Trump, Instead of EX-President.

BIG fucking difference MTG.

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FTFY - "The FBI and DOJ just declared war on every Republican and State in America, on behalf of the Democratic party, using all Federal Agencies"

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Pretty sure RINO are in full support

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Forget buzzwords, you either believe in individual freedom or you don't. If the feds keep pushing it will be open season on both sides.

War is hell.

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The DNC and IRS already did exactly this many many years ago under Lois Lerner, and she was never charged with anything at all. The Dems doubles the size of the IRS and bought them hundreds of thousands of rounds of ammunition, so they'll go full bore now.