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suitwo_wtr 5 points ago +5 / -0

Well lets see, for the last 6 years and more they called him a Russian agent and that he was elected by Russia to help them gain power, the media have and to this day still push similar bullshit, anyone who claims to have never wavered in their support of Trump would be fully aware of this and know that anything and everything the media claims is crap. For that to change all of a sudden makes absolutely no sense.

Oh what's that, the FBI are claiming for the upteenth time that Trump did something bad again? Well I didn't beleive them all those other times and all were proven to be false accusations, but this time they must be telling the truth.

Also funny how every single leftist manage to simultaneously live in cities which are overrun by them worse than the rats which inhabbit them to but every day claim to find a MAGA individual who says that the latest allegation is the last straw.