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VulpineBard 265 points ago +265 / -0

That's nice. Now publicize what they're saying, instead of just saying "somebody is telling us something and we might do something about it someday".

canttouchdis 108 points ago +119 / -11

Jim Jordan is just pandering for votes for the election. he's not promising to do anything about it. he hasn't proposed any solutions. his entire speech in this clip just ends with him asking people to come out to the polls and vote Republican..

this is another one of the GOP tricks.. right around election time they start to pretend to act super based and they start saying a lot of things that Republican voters agree with and they start trying to make it seem like they're really going to take on the Democrats this time

but it's all an act.. the minute the election's over and they've successfully tricked Republican voters into once again electing corrupt Republicans into office they immediately turn around and go back to doing nothing

who can forget that Lindsey Graham threatened to impeach Donald Trump over the Mueller investigation until midterms rolled around and then Lindsey Graham turned into a super anti-mullar activist. and then after the midterms were over Lindsey Graham's proceeded to do absolutely nothing

this is the Republican Mo and people keep falling for it. they're just using your anger at the system the tricky into voting for that same system

Granny 16 points ago +17 / -1

Nothing triggers FBI shills like posts about the whistle blowers. Soon they will blow up the comments with major vitriol, and a lot of off-topic stupid shit.

Filthy_MALE 7 points ago +7 / -0

Why can’t we have MAGA moles in the fbi?

A proper citizen who sees something wrong says something about it. There’s no reason not to

canttouchdis 3 points ago +3 / -0

because unlike the overly-tolerant maga: they'll weed them out