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They also do the mouth agape mock shock thing when surprised like women do and cross their legs.

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Soylent Grin aka Nintendo Switch face

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They also have sex with other men, which is pretty feminine….

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I dunno. I think having sex with women is pretty gay. I mean, why kind of nancy needs a soft, curvy, nice smelling, woman to fuck? Quit being such a fag and fuck a foul smelling, hairy, hard muscled man.

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Future Monkeypox carriers!

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That is the one that brings the full body cringe

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If you can cross your legs you got no balls!

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Haha that's a good way of putting it.

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KJV 1 Corinthians 6:9 Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind,

Key word: effeminate

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Wonder if it has to do with lack of testosterone due to the crappy in the food and water nowadays?

"They're turning the frogs gay" was right.

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That is certainly a big part of it. But I think ideation can lead to physical changes. A man who consistently forces himself to think like a feminist is in effect submitting to an ideology that views him as a piece of shit. Over time, this may lead to loss of age appropriate testosterone levels. Effectively by forcing yourself to be a loser, your body responds to the signal.

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Kids are put on soy formula the day they are born, and raised by single mothers, put in schools full of female teachers, taught that masculinity in all its forms is toxic and evil. There's very little hope of a boy ever becoming masculine in that situation.

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They also did studies about BPA in plastics causing a reduction in testosterone. All I know is, I can’t tell a gay from a straight young male anymore.

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Most likely. Which is why any conservative woman of child bearing age (and even from before if possible) should be extra cautious about consuming any soy products or any plastic products.

Those endocrine disrupting hormones found in plastics accumulate in your fat cells and are released when the cells are metabolized for energy in your body. Not a big deal while not pregnant but hugely so if pregnant with a boy.

I cleared out any and all such products from my household and started switching from at least 5 years before I started having kids. I eat 100% grass fed, no soy, fresh dairy from grassfed cows, the works. Hopefully I've given all my kids as clean a hormonal slate as possible to start with and will encourage them to maintain this lifestyle.

Yes it costs more but I find we end up using less because we are more sated. I use all organic soaps and cleaners, allergen free detergents for laundry, essential oils for clothing scents, etc.

Women used to sacrifice for their children but modern women have forgotten what that means. Our bodies were made to grow and nourish our babies, we have a duty to ourselves and to our kids to start them off right.

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Keep your kids skinny too. Lots of activity.

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Yes, and it is quite easy when they have zero access to phones and tablets and a strictly monitored hour of screen time available to them daily. Most days, they don't even use their allotted time, only when ill or stormy weather.

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Don't let your boys go soy.

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Didn’t Willy Nelson and Waylon Jennings sing that song?

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I notice this all the time. Effeminate guys talking and acting like girls

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A dick in the ass is also a dead give-away.

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Especially the non-lgbt ones

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pussification of america. these soy guzzling faggots are put on a pedestal when they should be ridiculed.

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I blame the cities most of all. As they are the producers of leftist thinking . This type of faggotry does not exist in the country. And when it does it's a huge shame and the faggot leaves and goes to the city to be around his pedophile friends.

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The female gesticulations are a symptom of having only women to model their behavior after and no male influence in their lives.

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My freshman year college dorm-mate was like this. He was raised by a single mother, and was effeminate both in his actions and the way he handled relationships.

He wasn’t gay, as far as I know, but was certainly “effeminate “.

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Weak men.

The last to get picked in doge ball.

Even after the Tom-Boys.

Maybe even after the nerds. At least they are still potential men.


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Kek -- https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-05-20-boosting-testosterone-makes-leftist-men-more-conservative.html

Let's start putting Testosterone in Soy!!

Had a Lib ask me out recently. I told him I couldn't because I was allergic. So he says, "what are you allergic to?' I said, "Soy."


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Great parenting

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"Oh my Godses...."

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Lefties men is an oxymoron xD

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Soy Boys

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They're also likely pedophiles and have cry closets at home and work.

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I think the pedos tend to be a bit chunkier.

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Smelling his own farts

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Fucking A right.

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T levels lower than some women

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I have said this for a while. Its beyond obvious.

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Yeah they're just fags

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Also smiling with their mouth agape like an infant

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Low t soyfags

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I watched a couple of shows on HGTV recently and couldn’t believe how many gay men are married to women.

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This type of gesticulation is much easier when you lack shoulder, pec, and lat muscles.

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Very high candidates for Monkey Pox.

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you just picked out the gay dudes in the crowd is all

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