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We are more engaged and educated on the ways that the Democrats cheat but they didn't get outed for cheating last time, so why wouldn't they do it again? Republicans didn't fight for the November 3rd stolen election and they won't do it this time around because it is the same actors doing it again. If they fight it now then they are admitting they knew the 2020 election was stolen so they will remain silent.

The midterms will not go as well as many conservative pundits seem to think. They'll cheat in key races. Why do people forget such recent history.

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Two things come to mind: we have a huge increase in patriots taking local positions and we have patriots signing up to be poll workers. I’m not saying it fixes everything but it gives us better odds. And I also want to add, and can’t stress this enough, show up to vote in person on the day of. If we show up in large numbers on the day we can potentially break their algorithm like Trump did in 2016. Also, bring your sealed mail in ballot with you in case they say you “already voted”. This isn’t a vote harder situation, it’s a show up en masse and break the algorithm so the cheat is even more apparent. Plus we know what to look for this time and I know some MAGA candidates like Kari Lake are already putting measures in place to spot issues preemptively so fraudulent votes aren’t counted. My point is, we are fighting, we are not giving up. We may lose another battle this Nov but we will are still engaged in the war.

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Well said fren, needed some hopium.