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I've lived in numerous states now - red, blue, and purple - and I noticed something in Texas that I haven't seen anyone talk about.

For one, getting a well paying job in east Texas was significantly more difficult than I expected. I noticed many of the manual labor and skilled trade jobs are advertised in spanish, or "bilingual preferred."

Then it hit me, the people getting these jobs are illegals and guest workers. This drives down the local salaries and wages well below what they should be.

I initially thought this was just corporate greed, then I realized there's a culture aspect as well. I've seen "Hispanics" get promoted, or hired for no apparent reason; over and over again. No one will dare say there is anti-white and anti-black racism happening though somehing is very clealy off, but one thing that stands out the most is that there's a class of bilingual Americans that benefit from all of this and don't seem to mind.

They're "Hispanic" people that deliberately code switch between english and spanish with little regard or respect for others - including the rare english-only manager who's usually black.

In my experience, these people aren't always competent, but they're almost always rude and treat subordinates with slight disdain; especially english-only people.

They're like a separate class of people that benefit solely for being bilingual, while taking part in a system that drives down everyones' wages (including their own), and strains the cultural harmony and security of the community.

For what? I suspect it's mostly self-interest, but some of them clearly also do it for political reasons; work, state, and national even.

The solution?

We all know the big, obvious ones.

But what about aws that prohibit discrimination based on ability to speak spanish, with obvious exceptions for translators and whatnot?

It's time english speakers start to push back on shit. Local, state, and the federal government needs to start having an english-only pollicy on paperwork, forms, etc. (all caveats assumed).

The Left will say "Hispanic" identity is being "attacked," when the reality is that anyone can still speak spanish, just that they'll stop being accomodated in government, and employers will no longer discrimate against english-only speakers.

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Listen, you mindreading moron - I speak spanish. And portuguese. Obviously english. And learning another language right now.

Even if I didn't speak spanish, that changes absolutely nothing about what I said.

This is not a matter of me or anyone else learning spanish. This is a matter of cultural and economic displacement of American people, the bilingual Americans who take part in it, and possible solutions.

Americans have ZERO moral obligation to learn the language of illegals and non-assimilators; it's actually the contrary.

You could learn Spanish. It's not that difficult

You could learn how to meaningfully contribute to find a real solution. It's not that difficult.

Edit: Also, look at my username. What language(s) is that?

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Look, you're incapable of reading my mind through a text post on the internet, nor will I explain myself further to you. You have the reading comprehension of a small child.