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TLDR; Know your login info Man, I've got a story. A couple days ago, I opened my phone to go to patriots.win. The entire format was different than I was used to. I realized Scored had changed the mobile format, but then, I also realized they had logged me out. No problem, I thought, I use a password manager. But when I looked, the password manager did not have a login for Scored. A-ha, I thought, as I went to the computer to search for patriots.win login. But my password manager showed no login for patriots.win either. I know I saved it, I thought, and I began to panic. How will I keep up with my best source of news if I can't even login? On the computer, I went to patriots.win with the plan to log out and then use the forgot password feature. But it wouldn't let me log out. I still use the Dissenter browser, so i figured there was something being blocked by the browser not letting me log out. OK, so I went to browser settings, cleared all history, then typed patriots.win into the address bar. From there, I could see "sign in", and after playing around I was able to find a password reset feature that only required I enter my username and email. Boom, input that, and waited for the email. And waited. And waited. After several hours, no password reset email ever showed. I checked everywhere, even other emails spam folders, to no avail. Ok, trying to calm myself, I decided I would make a new account for both Scored and the Communities side of patriot.win. That way, I could ask someone for help. I created a new account, and put my first post up on patriots.win about loosing my account right before midterms. I waited....and waited. Watching for any kind of response, even an upvote. But there was nothing, just my post sitting there. I decided to check patriots.win main page under new to look for my post. It wasn't there, and I began to become paranoid. Was I shadow banned? Is there a time period where you have to wait to post? I didn't know, but I was freaking out. I'll go to Scored, I thought, and request a help ticket. Just getting to the forum to request help was a chore, but I was finally able to post to the forum and explain I was locked out of my account. 24hrs later, no response. I was devastated. I came to the conclusion that I had lost my account, and there was no one who would help me at Scored. All my points, gone. All my comments and posts, gone. I resigned to the fact that I could no longer interact with patriots.win, only watch in silence. Another 24hrs pass, I'm down in the dumps, and a thought occurs to me. What if my password manager doesn't have my login for patriots.win because it used to be "thedonald". I rushed to my computer, and sure enough, under thedonald, there it was, all my login info. I let out a sigh of relief. So, the moral is... Know your login, because if you lose it, good luck finding a way back in.

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Wow you're right, I just looked and learned something 😋