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As election night stretches into election week, we continue to watch the results.

National Picture

Republicans have already picked up enough seats to take the House of Representatives. The open questions are - how much of a majority will Republicans have, and how much of this will be MAGA?

Republicans need 51 Senators for control of the Senate. We have 48 that are called right now. Alaska will be a runoff between Republicans, so that is 49. We are ahead in Nevada, and that would make 50. The final seat would need to come from Georgia or Arizona. Georgia is headed to a runoff, and Arizona is a complete wildcard. How many of the outstanding ballots were election day votes? Those heavily favor Republicans, and could very well give us control of the Senate.


Alabama: Kate Britt
Arizona: Paul Gosar, Debbie Lasko
Arkansas: Sarah Sanders, John Boozman, Tim Griffin (A-G)
California: Kevin McCarthy
Florida: Ron DeSantis, Marco Rubio, Ashley Moody (A-G), +4 House Seats
Georgia: Brian Kemp, Marjorie Taylor-Greene, +1 House Seat
Idaho: Mike Crapo
Iowa: Kim Reynolds, Chuck Grassley, Brenna Bird (A-G)
Kansas: Jerry Moran
Kentucky: Rand Paul, Thomas Massie
Louisiana: John Kennedy
Michigan: John James
Missouri: Eric Schmidt
New York: Elise Stefanik
North Carolina: Tedd Budd
North Dakota: John Hoeven
Ohio: Mike DeWine, JD Vance, Jim Jordan, Dave Yost (A-G)
Oklahoma: Kevin Stitt, James Lankford, Markwayne Mullin
South Carolina: Henry McMaster, Tim Scott, Alan Wilson (A-G)
South Dakota: Kristi Noem
Tennessee: Bill Lee, +1 House Seat
Texas: Gregg Abbott, Ronny Jackson, Ken Paxton (A-G)
Utah: Mike Lee
Virginia: +1 House Seat
Wisconsin: Ron Johnson
Wyoming: Harriet Hageman


Georgia: Hershel Walker

Full Detailed Results from the Based Bus Driver

Alaska - No Results Yet

Mike Dunleavy - [Way Ahead]
Kelly Tshibaka - [Ahead, Likely Runoff]

Alaska is being slow in declaring the races. Mike Dunleavy is way ahead and it's not clear why the race isn't being called. The Senate race is almost definitely going to be a runoff between Kelly Tshibaka and Lisa Murkowski. Neither one will reach the 50% threshold.

Arizona - Incomplete Results

Kari Lake, Blake Masters, Abe Homiday, Mark Finchem - [All Behind]

Arizona had a massive turnout in same-day voting. Many of the ballots left to be counted were cast in-person yesterday. These ballots all favor Republicans heavily. The feeling here is that Kari Lake will be victorious, but it's unknown if there are enough votes to send Blake Masters to the senate.

Nevada - Incomplete Results

Joe Lombardo, Adam Laxalt, Jim Marchant (SoS) - [All Ahead]
Sigal Chattah (A-G) - [Behind]

Nevada's results are coming in slowly, and they have indicated that it make take some time to have all the votes counted. That being said, Republicans are ahead for Governor, Senate, and Secretary of State at the moment.

Defeated Candidates

Connecticut: Leora Levy (Senate)
Illinois: Darren Bailey (Governor)
Kansas: Derrick Schmidt (Governor)
Maryland: Dan Cox (Governor)
Massachusetts: Geoff Diehl (Governor)
Michigan: Tudor Dixon, Matt DePerno (A-G), Kristina Karamo (SoS)
Minnesota: Scott Jensen
New Hampshire: Donald Bolduc (Senate)
New Mexico: Mark Ronchetti (Governor)
New York: Lee Zeldin (Governor), Michael Henry (A-G)
Ohio: JR Majewski (CD-09)
Pennsylvania: Doug Mastriano (Governor), Mehmet Oz (Senate)
Vermont: Gerald Malloy (Senate)
Wisconsin: Tim Michels (Governor)