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We are winning, and I don't think I've ever felt so disgusted with our party. Everyone says " look what a great leader Desantis is, he should run in 2024 instead of Trump" . Desantis had a great day, because he had the power fix a broken election. Trump was never governor of a state, what else can he do but try to convince our spineless leadership to do something? Let me ask this... If Desantis runs 2024, what power does he have over Pennsylvania? Or Michigan? Or any other state? Trump is not only the greatest President of my life, he's also the most abused. What makes you think Desantis will avoid any of the pitfalls Trump ran into? People keep saying to stop talking about the fraud of 2020, sorry Trump lost but there's nothing to fix what happened. But without a fix it will keep happening. It is happening right now. Look, I think Desantis is great, and I applaud what he's accomplished. But outside of Florida, he's no different than Trump, and the same thing will happen to him. So please stop the whole Desantis vs Trump argument. The comparison is not valid

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I think we’re being brigaded by shills or some sort of devious intentioned group.

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Oh noes! Would David Brock's Nerd Virgins try to get us to see some reasonable wins with real consequences as a defeat? Why, yes, they would.



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We need them both, and if the UniParty succeeds on turning them against each other, DeSantis will be shredded.

Meanwhile, he has given us a template that needs to be used in the rest of the country.


And no, only an overly excitable boy would turn defeatist at this point:


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Thank you for that. My only concern is Trump has been trying to get these yahoos to do something for nearly 3 years now

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Clearly he succeeded in Florida, where he moved his home base after the "steal" of 2020

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I am ok with this.. Well said but I need paragraphs

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Lol editing on here is a b*tch

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Desantis is great but he won't run against Trump. They understand they need each other. If they don't now, they will. Other than that you are preaching to the choir here. We are ULTRA-MAGA and ULTRA-TRUMP.

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Found Trumps account

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Lol I wouldn't trade places, I can't take the heat

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I don't believe it was jealousy, it was a warning shot. Because Desantis was talking to GOP leadership about becoming a competitor to Trump.

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The FEDERAL GOVERNMENT has NO POWER over State elections. It's specifically written that way in the constitution. That's why it took over 100 years to fix the south and their abuses like Jim Crow laws

OneBigMaga -4 points ago +1 / -5

We aren't winning. They are still cheating. You are just an idiot.

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We're winning where voter integrity is upheld. We're losing where cheating is enshrined. It's like a ratchet, every gain the left makes becomes irreversible. A strong governor needs to break that like DeSantis did for democracy to have a chance. Otherwise it's all cheating all the time