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Yup. Smooth brains can’t give up their Faux News. Because “muh normies”.

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Imagine if these cowards here didn't "care" about "red pilling" the normies by continuing to enrich our enemies with wealth and power...

Imagine if after they banned Trump, Google search lost 30% market share overnight and never got it back. Imagine if twitter lost 30% of its users instead of actually gaining users. Imagine if the NFL couldn't fill the stadium for once. Imagine the red pills then. But nope. We're a bunch of cowards who will make any excuse to keep emptying our wallets for and cucking to the left.

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Twat screenshots with the date intentionally cropped out and posting it as 💥 BOOM 💥 BOMBSHELL 🚨 BREAKING 🚨 is not helpful.

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Yeah wasn't this ignored last year?

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And I'm guessing an old tweet

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It’s at least 9 months old.

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Maybe the "bombshell" part is separate from the rest of the tweet.

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If they actually listened to us here instead of trolling us they would have learned this ages ago. Imbeciles

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Faux News. May they continue to get their boosters.

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I still think Tucker is trying to help in his special controlled-oppo way

like the way he's pushing phrases like "genital mutilation" and "religion" regarding trannies w/ the obvious circumcision allusion, despite defending it in 2017

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Fox takes covid money

Tucker then goes full chicken little over covid

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Their propaganda never worked on me. Unfortunately most Americans (and people worldwide) have a price. For some it's a donut.

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With 40% of the votes in AZ counted, Trump at 58%, we are calling it for Biden.

Click, never watch Fox again.

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We don't need more evidence.

We need action on the evidence we already have.

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Does bombshell mean 2 yrs old?

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Are you still watching Fox & Fags this year?

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Two more weeks

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Oh, boy. . .that's gonna leave a mark.

We were sure the other big name corporate media were taking cash to push the vaxx, but Fox was not tarnished right off. Fox has some really good people on there; it will be interesting to see who cashed all those covid checks.

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We’re being ruled by gangsters. Of course Fox News is a part of it. That much was clear when they called Arizona in 2020.

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And again in 2022

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Who are the “really good people” at Fox??

Fox was the first to call Arizona for Biden in 2020, they run commercials AND do segments on getting the poison jabs, and they’ve been pushing major fear porn about covid since it started. Nothing good about Fox.

If there were any “really good people” at Fox, they would be doing segments on how many people have died and continue to die from the jabs, they would be asking questions about the self-assembling computer chips in seen in the jab vials, they would talk about how 2020 and 2022 were stolen, they would talk about how the PCR tests cannot tell the difference between covid and the flu, the would expose the corruption at the CDC and FDA, they would expose the conflicts of interest in all of our Congress assholes, they would talk about how we have political prisoners in DC just like communist Russia, etc.

Who are the “really good people” at Fox?

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Stop calling it a vaccine.

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Experimental injection

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This network presented by Pfizer.

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Yeah newsmax too.

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These big corporate entities better start reading the room and opening up about their ties to the US government related to vaccine marketing.

Where's antifa? you know the anti-fascists.

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Now do the 2020 election.

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Now ask how much money Pfizer gave the Biden admin to push the shots.

And that would be treasonous betrayal of the American people, right? But nothing will happen.

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No wonder Tucker took so long to admit he is unvaxxed.

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Well yeah. I mean anyone that paid attention to the commercial breaks would see how many Pfizer commercials there were. You think they'd bite the hand that feeds?

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You don't fucking say. All the news networks did

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Wouldn't be surprised at all, but I'm getting tired of bombshells about to drop. Just drop them or shut up about it.

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Jesus it's like motha fukkas around here forgot Veritas getting whistle blowers like Ivory Hecker was a big deal in 2020 and 2021. What the fuck, gais.

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What a surprise!

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SIGH... why forecast this shit instead of just dropping the truth.

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Literally every major media outlet took govt or Pfizer money.

I bet sports leagues did too.

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Okey doke!

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Pfizer was running a lot of ads on a lot of national news shows during 2021.

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I even turned Fox News off at the dealership when I got my truck serviced. I won't be forcefully subjected to fake news, and I'll try my best to keep that garbage away from fellow Americans.

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Newsmax did too. But we all know Newsmax gave $1million to Hilary Clinton campaign to run against Trump!

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I still see lots of taxpayer funded ads on TV and radio about getting another vax shot.

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It's true. We've known for a while.

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And probably still taking it.

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The only bombshells I give a shit about are 1)traitors being walked to the hangman, or 2) actual bombshells dropping accidentally into the fbi building

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They all did. To get around the rule about advertising an experiment on tv

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Emerald, you’re the bombshell. Thanks

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This is old news, fren. Came out about 3 months ago.

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We already knew this.

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Of course it’s true. Fox news is asshoe. They made their employees take the jabs. They are liars just like CNN et all.

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Hello Folks.... I can shed some light here for anyone that didn't know.....

When the Covid narrative hit all of us in the beginning none of us realized what was happening behind the scenes. Truth is that the Government along with all of its reach though the NIH and other agencies realized pretty quickly that those pesky things that Americans have called Rights and Liberties would get in the way, that they could NOT force anyone to wear face masks or take an injection that was in all descriptions an UNAPPROVED and EXPERIMENTAL shot. So, what to do???

After legislation passed regarding Covid "bailouts" what so many few people realized is while the American people were getting in essence just a measly pittance in monies, the bulk of the "bailouts" were used to help push their narrative and get their scare tactics to go live Nation Wide.

Every fortune 500 Corporate suddenly created a Covid Council. Within these CORPORATIONS that are literally controlling every aspect of our lives, including but not limited to food, clothing, shelter, medicines, on and on.... Every corporation was given a huge, and I mean stupid money huge, incentive to follow a strict guideline of measures to put in place. These Covid Councils duties were NOT geared to truly help prevent any spread of the so called pandemic, the metrics put in place by the template were a strict uniform front created in order for operation lockstep to be effective. As corporations rolled out the changes, such as mandatory facemasks, Covid screening at check-in before punching a clock, Covid Vaccine reporting mandated for all employees to report their status, stickers on the floor that directed customer traffic flow as well as the 6 foot distance reminder stickers.... EVERY CORPORATION did these things in order to hit their bogey that was setup for them. As the corporations hit their Target percentages of locations that were complying.,.. the fatter the payoff checks were.

Long story short.... As Mom and Pop businesses closed due to the economic destruction of policies, these large corporations actually hit a boon in record income. The Government had figured that since they knew they could not mandate their way into getting their setup done for the great reset legally, they used the corporations to do their dirty work for them, in lockstep, by appealing to their GREED for money, big bonuses, and in the end consolidation of power because of the absolute destruction of small business.

We were all sold out, forced to comply or lose our jobs and everything we hold dear, while the true reason for all of this happening was NOT a deadly pathogen but the Government Machine working in Lockstep with the Corporate Oligarchy by literally throwing our tax dollars at the greedy CEOs and CFOs and boards of every major corporation in this Nation and Abroad. Yes I said Abroad as maybe that lightbulb may go on also. That last sentence wasn't meant for Americans because We pretty much woke up one day and had this whole bullshit setup implode, but for the rest of the World citizens everywhere are still under strict rules and laws only because their leaders are all still talking the payoff.....

The Great AWAKENING is Here everyone, however like a lit fuse it is going to take time to work it's way up to the incendiary that will kickoff the mass Awakening, of which I feel in my bones is so very close now.

Edit: Yes it is true that every news source out there that capitulated did receive payoffs, not just from the Government but also directly from the vaccine manufacturers also... The Truth is coming... The ending isn't for everyone.

May God Bless us all and forgive those that were blinded, May He also show no mercy to those that have committed these heinous atrocities upon His Creation.

Carry On!!!

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Don't know why you were down dooted...

Thanks for the post!

Carry On!!!

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Who is surprised by this? You’d have to be a moron not to know this.

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Who wants to bet Twitter has a similar contact and that is why they are suppressing "died suddenly" documentary.

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Good to hear!

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Here are two twists on the old existential question:

If a bombshell goes off and nobody is surprised, is it really a bombshell?


If a bombshell goes off, but nothing changes as a result, did a bombshell really go off?

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And the bombshell will drop..... in 2 more weeks

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I wonder if my Biden hating, Trump loving, Fox addicted boomer relation would leave Fox if they knew about this.

I tried to get them all to see Fox is worse then CNN or mslgbt. They have no other place to go to, my 72 year old dad is not gonna get on this site everyday. My parents still watch cbs news, and got down when cbs said the Republicans underperformed. I had to remind them that maga Republicans did very well and we took the house. They still cannot see that 97% of any media is manipulated and pushed by FAGGOTS with certain agendas.

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Bombshell doesn’t drop.

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it was Whistle Blown on a Fox News expose.

Foletado -2 points ago +1 / -3

I watched the ones with Fox employees. They didn't know of any such thing. You're the boob.

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If true? This is ancient news.

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This "screenshot" looks fake. Did someone just make this up?

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It's true.

What I want to know is if the dailywire took some of that money.

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This is old news.

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It is true.