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They didn’t know we were on FaceTime together, and weren’t talking to her despite her being fully capable of participating in decisions about her own care. They kept insisting that her oxygen saturation levels were low and I (not we) needed to make a decision NOW.

I asked if they had her change positions, and they said no. I told her to “turn over” and she went up to 98% within a minute.

They promptly hung up on me.

They didn’t try the “it’s an emergency - NOW, Now, NOW” nonsense again, but made sure to tell us everyday for a bit she was “probably” going to end up on a ventilator. They wouldn’t give her monoclonal antibodies, regeneron, or even a standard anti-viral because “she was too sick” and “standard antivirals aren’t effective against Covid”.

I was able to smuggle ivermectin in, and her “numbers” improved within 24 hours. They caught her and took it away before she completed the cycle (plus I gave her too little based on her weight - doh!)

She’s fine now. She works too much. I’m a lucky man.

It’s been a year since they tried to kill my beloved, and I’m not over it. I will never trust them again.