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People need to realize that feminism is a problem. Trying to win over women is not going to be possible without becoming feminists ourselves or highlighting why its bad and pointing out its inherent flaws.

Too many people on our side are trying to have it both ways, when that is not workable. Women go where men lead them. If men lead them towards traditional values then they will follow. If we support or at least allow feminism then they will support that. As for non-whites, immigration needs to be halted. If its not, we will lose our culture and our country no matter how hard you try to convince them otherwise.

You are tying to convince people who are the kids of immigrants, immigrants themselves or who are the descendants of slaves to appreciate the people who founded and built this country. In other words, these are people who have ties to places other than America.

That will never work because those people do not feel a connection to those people. They see them as “different”, “not us” or “other”. Since they do not appreciate the foundation of the country, they will not appreciate the country for anything other than what they can get out of it. The Democrats will always be the better option over Republicans for people who value gibs. Not to mention, Democrats are easily able to portray us as “racists” through their control of the media.