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Based on empirical data, the world will need more CO2 in the future, not less. Increasing CO2 increases plants water use efficiency and allows more crop production with less water. To feed everyone in the future, we will need higher CO2 levels. And, there is no real evidence that CO2 increases global temperatures (Some models, but they are someone's guess). Your government is promoting the exact opposite of what needs to be done. Your government is using this as a way to get you to submit to their desires and implement "Satans New World Order". I will debate anyone who is serious and has been studying the issue for at least a couple of decades. The University/industry/government complex is controlling this information the same way they have controlled the information on Covid-19, by removing those who speak out against their fraud. I have spoken out at my University and they removed me from my professorship. (At my age, who cares; lol)